Anchor Porter

Anchor PorterTonight was my first night of accounting. A frickin awesome waste of time, not only because I never want to be an accountant, but also because I already took an accounting class that did not transfer when I switched schools. I wasn’t going to do a beer review since it was already close to bedtime, but that all changed when I logged onto twitter and found out that ThePaintedMan had sent a shout-out to me in one of his blog posts. Upon reading the post I got thirsty.

And out came the Anchor Porter. Anchor Brewing = San Francisco. “Francisco… Frannncisco… Franciscooo. That’s fun to say!”

I nearly made an perfect pour. The head came rumbling up and domed. I watched as two single drips of liquid spilled over the side, ruining the perfectness. DAMN YOU BEER! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Oh, and on a final bubble-note, the head is some of the darkest I’ve seen recently. Almost straight-up brown.

I still haven’t found those humidifier filters, so my nose is garbage for picking up the aroma. Sorry.

The label is wordy, but one thing I picked up on was the words “intensely rich”. Now for me, that would suggest a intensely sweet beer. Maybe that’s a poor translation of “rich”? In any event, I don’t classify this beer as rich in my book. On the contrary, Anchor Porter is fairly well balanced. There’s a nice mix of sweet maltiness and mild bitterness. For me, the flavors bounce back and forth (rather than starting with one taste and finishing with another). There isn’t one dominant flavor, but if I were to label the main things I taste I’d say bitter dark chocolate and sweet caramel.

This is a great beer to chill with and sip at. I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking more than one a time though. Thumbs-up for my first ever Anchor brew.
Anchor Porter

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.