Ayinger Celebrator

Ayinger CelebratorToday I worked on finding a location to host the Boston Tweetup. I already had an awesome list of bars to work from thanks to all of my twitter buds and blog followers. The results of the search already look promising. Today I discussed our event with the owner of Cambridge Brewing Company and I will be meeting with him later this week to check out the space provided and the details. I encourage you folks to check out the venue and provide me your thoughts on having the event there.

Anyhow, to the beer review…

Tonight I cracked this Ayinger Celebrator. No specific reason other than it was at the top of the pile in the crisper. The brew smells awesome. My first impression of both the aroma and the taste is liquorish. The next thing I’m picking up is those mysterious “dark fruits”. This is the dominant flavor.
Ayinger CelebratorOther stuff:
* The color of the beer is black.
* It’s smooth with just a little carbonation to keep things interesting.
* 6.7% is the ABV.

On a final note, I’d like to talk about this thing hanging around the neck of the beer. I polled the twitter community to ask what the heck it is. The best answer was “goat doo-hickey-thingamabob, and I’d name it Scruffy”. Someone also suggested it was a charm or a mini Christmas tree ornament. Since we’re gonna call it Scruffy, I’d like to say I like Scruffy. Any goat that wants to hang and drink with me is A-OK in my book.

Oh…and in conclusion: I like the beer.
Ayinger Celebrator

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Author: Joshua Dion

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