Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout

Breckenridge Oatmeal StoutBoy, the guest reviews are really pouring in this weekend. Some weeks I ask for volunteers and hear nothing but crickets. Other weeks, I get a landslide of people. No complaints here though! Today we hear from Helene from In addition to the beer blog, she also tweets about her drinking adventures as PhillyBeerGirl. She started getting into the craft beer scene about a year ago. Helene started her blog last summer after her friends started asking her for beer recommendations because she’d tried such a variety. Her aim is to get people to see beyond the mass produced beers and expand their drinking horizons. Not to say she likes everything she tries, but the experimenting is half the fun. The other half is meeting all the great people that drink craft beer! Many thanks to Helene for the review!

As I write this it’s Saturday morning. I don’t usually drink beer at 10:45 AM, except when I’m on vacation. Or down the shore in the summers. But I promised to get this review done by today and I fear the day will get away from me; I’m going to a white-tie event tonight and have to primp for that! Besides, this is an oatmeal stout – that practically screams breakfast, right? And it’s cold, gray, and miserable here in Philadelphia. Perfect weather for a stout.

Readers of my blog know how much I love the IPAs – the hoppier, the more bitter, the better. But this winter I’ve been trying a lot of stouts, and this is a good one. The pour is a deep brown, almost black. The smell is roasty goodness – chocolate, toffee, coffee. The taste is pretty much the same. Dark roasted coffee and chocolate, a hint of the oats, and some burnt malts.

It’s a pretty medium bodied beer, and very smooth. A lot of people seem to look for a heavier body in a stout, but this is perfect for me. It’s not watery, and it’s not too thick either. I think it strikes a nice balance, making it very drinkable. The low ABV – 4.95% – also makes it easy to enjoy more than one.

This is brewed in Breckenridge, CO and is to me a great beer for a cold winter afternoon or evening (or, I guess in this case, morning). I can imagine coming in from the slopes and warming myself by the fire while enjoying this stout. If I skied, that is. The good news is it’s just as good upon waking up and kicking off your day, if you’re so inclined.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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2 thoughts on “Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout”

  1. I'm trying some oatmeal stouts myself and I'll look for this one to try. I recently had New Holland's "The Poet" oatmeal stout. I heard so many good things about it but was royally disappointed when I tried it! You found this near Philly? Perhaps I can get it in Jersey then too.

  2. I have to agree…an oatmeal stout practically is breakfast in a bottle. I would also agree that Stouts are pretty supreme in the winter time. I really like porters to and Breckenridge makes a pretty damn fine vanilla porter. I've got a review of that one as well, my first review actually.

    Review of Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

    I love the candid reviews on this blog, it makes me feel like I belong.

    We actually have the Oatmeal Stout on tap in town here and everytime I order it the glass fills up with head right of way. Not sure if they are screwing it up or if it has to do with the make up of the brew from using malted oatmeal.

    Regardless, its pretty darn good.

    Thanks for the review!

    <a href=">Mike's Brew Review</a>

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