Michelob Honey Lager

Michelob Honey LagerAfter a long day at work (including a meeting from 5-6pm) followed by some homework and then Rock Band, I’m in need of an easy drinking yet potentially delicious beer. The fridge is full of big bold beers: Belgian Ales, Winter Ales, and various dark beers.

Michelob Honey Lager seems like a solid option. I’ve been a fan of Michelob a for a long time. I still regard Shock Top as an excellent go-to beer for summertime parties and I recently fell in love with their Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale.

The Honey Lager is what you would expect. An easy-drinking, low ABV (4.9%) brew. It’s a light amber color and has tons of carbonation. Despite the bubbly, the honey flavors convince your pallet that the beer is smooth. The beer is only moderately sweet. Other than honey, I really don’t taste much else.

A straight-forward review of a straight-forward beer. You gotta love it for what it is: simple and good.

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

2 thoughts on “Michelob Honey Lager”

  1. People can sneer if they wish at Michelob, being an A-B product as it is, but each of their range I have tried has been a decent enough beer, nothing to get me screaming from the roof tops, but certainly very drinkable.

  2. Yeah! I think Shock Top and the Cask Ale they put out are perfectly worthy products. I'll not turn my nose up at them and if I can find this honey of a lager that you speak of, I'll be all over it. (Remember Michelob Dark? Drank a ton of that in the army. Did they stop making it or just recast it as Michelob Amber Bock? One wonders.) Great post.

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