Newport Storm Winter Ale

Newport Storm Winter AleI’d love to tell you how I’ve been incredibly busy and haven’t had time to review beer. Just not true. In fact, I’ve had virtually nothing to do this weekend. Saturday I sat on my ass and then drank a half-dozen UFOs while watching the Bruins game. Sunday: more ass sitting, followed by a trip into Allston to watch a presentation and have dinner. Getting back on track with this Newport Storm Winter Ale.

This sucker is seriously dark in color. Limited head and virtually no lacing. My nose, while not stuffy, is pretty dry. I’m having trouble picking up specific aromas even when damn-near dunking my nose. The wife keeps saying I need to find the filters for the humidifier. By the time I get around to doing it, it will be spring anyway.

The flavor has got me making all kinds of faces. Not contorted ones mind you…confused and amazed ones. The uniqueness is out of this world. I actually get very little flavor at the very start of the sip. As the beer gets to the back of my mouth, the wackiness ensues. I’m getting sweet and slightly tart. Sweet like candy though. Specifically sweet tarts (but fruitier). An odd, yet delicious, variant on a winter ale.

I’m off to google this one to see what other people thought. Praying that I’m not just crazy tonight.

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.