Odell IPA

Odell IPA
Girl from Arizona (today’s guest reviewer) writes and twitters about travel, rock climbing and beer on her website GirlFromArizona.com where she hopes to inspire others to take the trips of their dreams. “Everyone has a reason that can hold them back from taking that trip of a lifetime: money, travel companions, time… Discovering things about the world and yourself through travel, I think, is worth pushing past these hesitations.”

Originally from Oregon, she’s been drinking craft beers since she was old enough to drink. In travel, sampling the hometown brew is a great way to meet the locals!

What’s the best thing about Twitter? Every now and then a note like this from my neighborhood pub will pop up:
@boulderstempe: Join us for an @OdellBrewing tasting on Wed at 7pm. Only $5 for beer and apps

What’s another great thing about Twitter? Every now and then Mr. @Lost_In_Beer sends out a call for guest bloggers. It was Twitter serendipity on Wednesday.

I first discovered Odell in its home base of Fort Collins last summer and it quickly became one of my favorite craft breweries.

While Doug Odell has been brewing since 1989, it’s only recently grown enough to expand its distribution outside of Colorado. Right now, Odell is only available in states that are a day’s drive from Fort Collins. Lucky for me, Arizona makes the cut.

Before the tasting began I opted for a bottle of the Odell IPA and a pizza. Odell beers are typically strong (the IPA’s at 7 %) and I hadn’t eaten all day.

I poured the beautiful golden brew into my glass with only a small head and let it warm a bit while my pizza arrived. I like to drink IPAs on the warm side, but this IPA tastes just fine with a chill – crisp with just a little carbonation. At room temp, it’s also excellent.

I’m a big fan of hops and so is Odell. But unlike some of the big hop bombs out there, Odell’s IPA has that perfect balance: enough hoppy oomph to give the beer character, but not too much to overpower your taste buds. I could sip this IPA while eating my pizza no problem.
Odell IPA

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Author: Joshua Dion

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