Trader Joe’s Hofbrau Bock

Trader Joes Hofbrau BockI came home with a raging headache tonight. Nothing that a couple of beers and some Indian food couldn’t cure. Watching the movie Space Cowboys and chilling with the wife. My beer of choice this evening is Trader Joe’s Hofbrau Bock. I scored a six-pack of this stuff helping someone move this past weekend. The move was super-easy, so getting beer out of the deal was pretty sweet.

Speaking of sweet, this Hofbrau Bock is super-malty-delicious. It is completely dominated by honey flavor. This is such an easy drinker…you could really get into trouble with it given that it’s 7% ABV.

In addition to tasting like you’re licking a honey-comb, its color is very similar to honey. I had to pour it vigorously to get any decent head. It withered away quickly leaving zero lacing.

There isn’t much more to say about the Hofbrau Bock. An all around yummy beer. I might just have a couple more of these tonight.
Trader Joes Hofbrau Bock

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.