Victory Golden Monkey

After finishing a delicious BLT dinner (fake bacon of course), I found a guest review in my inbox. It comes courtesy of my twitter bud Brandon. Brandon is an IT manager and lives here in my home state of Massachusetts with his wife. They are expecting their first kiddo this coming summer. Love seeing people bringing future craft beer drinkers into the world! 🙂 Before living here he lived in Arizona, where he really first started getting into craft beer. He grew up in Buffalo though. Hence the Bills commentary in his review. All I have to say is “47 wide right”. For those who know what that means, yeah…I’m a bastard. Anyway, many thanks to Brandon for his review. It is his first beer review ever, but I hope we see more reviews from him in the future!

Hello, I’m writing this from the comfort of my home office in sunny, Lancaster Massachusetts. The Patriots just lost big time to the Ravens in the first round of the playoffs (whoo hooo!). Sorry, I’m a bitter Buffalo Bills fan (my hometown). Face it Pats fans, now you know how I’ve been feeling for the past 10 years! My love for the Buffalo Bills CAUSED me to drink beer. Those early 7am tailgating expeditions outside the Ralph in 8 degrees started it all. Back then, though, it was Miller Lite! Look mom! I stepped up in the world!

This is my first beer review ever, but I’ve been reading reviews for a couple years now. I’m glad I discovered this site, though. What I like about this site and the way Josh writes his reviews is the fact that it’s for non-beer-douches. I’m not looking to wow you over with my incredible beer vocabulary, or how I find exotic ways to describe how much my beer tasted “earthy like a sandbox”. I like to drink good beer, and that’s about it.

Let me get right into it.

I picked up a 6 pack of Victory Brewing’s “Golden Monkey”. This beer is a “Tripel Ale”, of Belgian descent. Tripel’s are usually a light color, but packed with amazing flavor. Golden Monkey has an ABV of 9.5%. This beer did not disappoint at all.

I poured into one of the only clean pint glasses I had in my cupboard, my Gardner Ale House glass (which I highly suggest you check out if you’re up that way). It pours a golden blonde, copper color. Head was about a finger thickness. Smell is very yeasty, citrusy and banana-like. It almost smells like banana nut bread. It’s very pleasant. (there I am, already becoming a beer-douche!)

This brew has a very nice & strong wheat taste. Again, it is very citrusy. Leaves an alcohol-y after taste, but it’s really enjoyable. This beer would go down well on a nice hot summer day, but tastes great even in the cold bitter winter (like today). Mouthfeel is that of very heavy carbonation. Drinking this beer almost gives your mouth an orgasm. As far as food pairings, this would go real good with seafood, or even some light BBQ. You have to try some and tell me otherwise. OK time to open up another bottle.

As far as the brewery goes, I’ve only had their “Hop Devil” product which is fairly common out here in Central MA. I’m interested in trying some other Victory products.

All in all, I highly recommend this beer if you like Belgian Ales. You will thoroughly enjoy every swallow of this beer.

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.