Wells Banana Bread Beer

Wells Banana Bread BeerEditorial Note: Tonight I’m trying something new. The beer brainstorm. It’s pretty straight forward. Me and a beer buddy drink the same beer and share notes. I’ve done this before with friends who come over, but never online. It was really fun. If anyone else is interested in doing a beer brainstorm, let me know! Many thanks to r3creative for spending some time chatting with me this evening. We had an awesome time watching the Bruins and talking about beer!

@r3creative: Alright, Im going to open the beer
@Lost_in_Beer: K
@r3creative: I’m following your lead on the review
@Lost_in_Beer: I’ve had the bottle out for anound 10-15 minutes.
@Lost_in_Beer: Just poured it
@Lost_in_Beer: The color is really light, eh?
@r3creative: nice amber color
@r3creative: I have 2 fingers of head.
@Lost_in_Beer: Much less head here.
@r3creative: I probably screwed it up. 😛
@Lost_in_Beer: LOL
@Lost_in_Beer: Somewhere on my site I have a video that some guy did that shows the “right” way to pour
@Lost_in_Beer: It basically depends on the beer style
@r3creative: i need to read up on that.
@Lost_in_Beer: But generally you pour the first half down the side and then pour the rest down the middle
@Lost_in_Beer: Unless it’s an ulfiltered, in which case you have to be careful with the second part of the pour
@r3creative: good to know. i’m such a noob.
@Lost_in_Beer: Me too…I screw it up all the time
@Lost_in_Beer: For me, it reminds me of cream soda (visually)
@r3creative: Smells like the title.
@Lost_in_Beer: Definitely smells like bananas!
@r3creative: time to taste this bad boy.
@Lost_in_Beer: B
@Lost_in_Beer: A-N-A-N-A-S!
@r3creative: The beer is bananas.
@Lost_in_Beer: It’s goooooood!
@r3creative: oh yeah, well’s doesn’t monkey around with this one.
@Lost_in_Beer: ROFL
@Lost_in_Beer: Good one
@Lost_in_Beer: For me, the aroma (although bananay) didn’t remind me of actual banana bread.
@Lost_in_Beer: It tastes just like banana bread though
@r3creative: It’s not overwhelming though, it’s pretty solid.
@Lost_in_Beer: agreed
@r3creative: doesn’t taste forced, you know?
@Lost_in_Beer: yeah
@Lost_in_Beer: I expected it to be MUCH sweeter. I’m surprised that it finishes just a tad on the bitter side
@r3creative: I’m so glad it’s not sweet.
@Lost_in_Beer: Not a sweet beer kinda guy?
@r3creative: I like sweet, but this had potential to be like circus peanuts.
@r3creative: So describe the mouthful for me…
@Lost_in_Beer: so mouthfeel…
@Lost_in_Beer: I dunno what to think about the mouthfeel.
@Lost_in_Beer: I usually let the beer sit on my tongue to get a feel for it
@r3creative: it’s not overly carbonated.
@Lost_in_Beer: I might disagree *buuuuurp*
@Lost_in_Beer: 🙂
@r3creative: is that a banana in your beer or….
@Lost_in_Beer: hehe
@r3creative: as a side note: You need to check out tenfidy imperial stout..wow
@Lost_in_Beer: I reviewed it this past fall
@Lost_in_Beer: awesome eh?
@r3creative: wicked good
@Lost_in_Beer: And out of a can!
@r3creative: I was so leery about the can.
@Lost_in_Beer: Too many can-haters out there…Ten Fidy proving them wrong.
@r3creative: i’m with ya.
@Lost_in_Beer: Do you know where Wells is out of? I think this is the first beer I’ve ever had from them
@r3creative: Time to google
@Lost_in_Beer: Or just look at the bottle 🙂
@Lost_in_Beer: Looks like Bedford, UK
@r3creative: the bottle is in the other room, the computer is here 🙂
@Lost_in_Beer: Gotcha 🙂
@r3creative: ABV 5.2%
@Lost_in_Beer: looks/tastes like 5%, so no surprise
@Lost_in_Beer: Funny side story about this beer
@r3creative: please do tell
@Lost_in_Beer: A buddy of mine bought me some of this for my 30th birthday this past April. I got SHITFACED at my party and I dropped the bottle in the parking lot. Bottle shattered.
@Lost_in_Beer: I almost cried.
@Lost_in_Beer: Parking lot smelled great though.
@r3creative: LMAO
@r3creative: I’m an april birthday as well. 22nd
@Lost_in_Beer: Cool! 24th here.
@r3creative: sweet, it was meant that we review beer together.
@Lost_in_Beer: clearly
@r3creative: So what else do we say about this wacky beer.
@Lost_in_Beer: Do you have an overall opinion of it?
@Lost_in_Beer: besides “wacky”
@r3creative: Overall, I poured it incorrectly, so whatever I day is now null and void. 🙁
@Lost_in_Beer: nah
@Lost_in_Beer: Unless you pour it on the floor and lap it up, your review is 100% valid
@r3creative: It’s smells great, is light and crisp and tastes like bananas. Overall I really like it. I would buy it again in a minute.
@Lost_in_Beer: Good deal.
@r3creative: The logo on the bottle is very well done also. Banana pint glass peel.
@Lost_in_Beer: My overall impression of the beer is similar. It’s a good “session” beer. Not something I could drink more than one of in a sitting. Solidly unique, which I totally dig.
@Lost_in_Beer: Oh….one final note about the brew. Made with fair trade bananas. –> Well done Wells!
@r3creative: Nice Fair Trade…didn’t see that.
@Lost_in_Beer: You kick the bottle yet?
@r3creative: yep, but the pint glass is still half full.
@r3creative: how much left do you have?
@Lost_in_Beer: Doh….in all the excitement I forgot to take a snapshot of the glass full of beer
@Lost_in_Beer: 1/4 of the glass
@r3creative: oops.
@r3creative: pict of the bottle will do.
@Lost_in_Beer: I did remember that part
@Lost_in_Beer: Very fun to review this way. I hope this inspires others to ask to do the same with me.
@r3creative: i really appreciate the opportunity to do this with you, it’s fun & informative.
@r3creative: Next review, Natural Light…bank on it. 🙂
@Lost_in_Beer: If you do a guest review of Natty Light, that would be awesome!
@r3creative: Is that a Dare?
@Lost_in_Beer: No
@Lost_in_Beer: It’s a double fire dog dare
@r3creative: Oh, I’m so on it. I’ll wear some short shorts and tear the sleeves off my tee shirt. Hulkamaina style!
@Lost_in_Beer: Yikes
@r3creative: 🙂
@Lost_in_Beer: No pics of the short-shorts please
@r3creative: nah, i’ll skip that, but I certainly have to do the review now.
@Lost_in_Beer: Agreed
@Lost_in_Beer: And on that note, I gotta bail. Wife wants some attention on a Saturday night
@Lost_in_Beer: Thanks for doing this. I’m gonna go post now.
@r3creative: OK so it is written, so it shall be. Thanks again for the review!
@Lost_in_Beer: Have a good weekend…
@r3creative: You Too!

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