Yuengling Traditional Lager

I was thoroughly stoked to run into someone on Twitter who was making a trip south of New England and was going to get their hands on Yuengling. Yuengling isn’t distributed up our way. My guest reviewer today (Rich) is the gracious twit I speak of. Rich has been into beer for a while but didn’t really know beer until this past year. He and his wife (@thebarroomhero and @thegirlgotsoul respectively) decided to drink 365 beers during 2009. 365 turned into 450 and they learned more about beer than they thought possible. Rich considers himself somewhat knowledgeable on the subject and is looking forward to learning even more going forward.

Without further ado…the guest review!

Ok, so Yuengling is a well-known and popular beer on the east coast from New York to Florida (but not in New England damnit!). D.G. Yuengling and Son is based in Pottsville, PA. They are best known as being the oldest continuously operated brewery in the US, since 1829. I picked up this 22oz bomber of Yuengling Traditional Lager when I was down home to see my parents for Christmas. At $1.99/bomber (and real cheap if you buy it in cases) this is an affordable beer to say the least.

So, the beer poured with a decent amount of head but disappeared quickly (for what that’s worth). On my second pour (I did have a bomber of this) I actually figured it had about two fingers of head that dropped off in two minutes or so. Lacing? What is that? None of that here. Initial smell was slightly fruity and sweet. A slightly sour smell came up as it warmed up. This was VERY light and not really that bad in truth.

Carbonation initially seemed to be not too much, but it crept up on me. I would say medium to decent amount of carbonation in the end. Sneaky carbonation I would say actually. Flavors in the mouth were slight fruit as would be assumed with the smell. Seemed to be a bit of hops, not too much. Bottle characterizes the beer with a “mild hop character”. Yeah, I think that that is about right. Truth in advertising? Who’d of thunk it. Not a lot of special and unusual flavors otherwise though.

So, pretty well balanced, easy to drink, and has some decent flavor (but nothing really unusual). At 4.4% ABV, this can be drank quick and often and be enjoyed nicely. I am thinking it would go well with some slightly spicy dishes. Maybe Mexican or Cajun? Would be good to drink on a warm day after a hard day of work and is a much better alternative to the other macro style American lagers. I had worried that this beer wouldn’t hold up to me as I have really gotten into beer this past year, but I have to say, I appreciate this more for what it is. Definitely a solid, drinkable, everyday beer.

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.