21st Amendment Monk’s Blood

21st Amendment Monk's Blood
Just getting back from church this evening (Ash Wednesday). I’ve got the Olympics on the tube and the Monk’s blood in the glass warming. I have to be honest…I really hate this timezone delay with the Olympics. Spoilers left and right. I’m also completely unimpressed with NBC.com’s video coverage options. Sure, I can watch every second of most events, but much of the video doesn’t have any of the voice-over you hear on TV. /rant-off

I’ve gotta tell you, this Monk’s Blood smells great from about two feet away. Sticking my nose right in the glass is less pleasant and smells ever so slightly sour.

I have a hunch that this beer is going to rock me. Part of Ash Wednesday involves fasting. I haven’t eaten in a number of hours. Normally a single beer (even at 8.3 ABV) wouldn’t mess with me.

The can reads “Belgian Style Dark Ale Brewed With Cinnamon, Vanilla, Oak Chips, and Dried Figs”. I wonder if the sour that I thought I was smelling was more of a dark fruit smell (fig). And fig is the dominant flavor for me.

And my laptop just crashed. Stupid POS. Thank God I just got it replaced recently. Also, thank God for auto-save on Blogger.

I’m going to be honest and say that the vanilla and cinnamon really don’t come through for me. I believe that I can pick up the oak, although if the label didn’t tell me, I would have never known that’s what I’m tasting. Chalk it up to to my amateurish tongue. This beer is definitely complex and above me. Excellent beer though.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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