Allagash Dubbel

Allagash DubbelI feel like it’s been awhile since I had a “regular” review. I guess it’s been less than a week, but still. Tonight I’m cracking a bottle of Allagash Dubbel while we watch American Idol. Tonight has been a quite non-healthy night already. We were feeling lazy and were craving junk food, so we ordered Chinese. We deserve it though. In the last 6 days I’ve worked out 4 times. That’s more than I’ve worked out in the last 6 months! The first couple of days were awful. I made it 15 minutes in and I was ready to spew barf. I’m good now though!

When I poured this Dubbel I was unimpressed at first. The head looked weak…that kinda beer foam that fizzles away in 2 minutes leaving the beer looking flat. This beer proved me wrong though. It’s many minutes later and there is still a solid finger of the fluffy stuff.

Beer smells of cloves, honey, and spice. The flavor is quite malty…I’m pleasantly surprised. There is a little bit of bitterness too. For me, the flavor pulses: SWEET SWEET bitter (and repeat). I’m thinking that the cloves are actually coriander.

The Allagash website says I should taste chocolate and nut flavors. Checking out other reviews online I don’t see references to honey or coriander. So either this is a really dynamic beer, or I fucked this review up hard core. 🙂

Regardless of how much of a beer-newb I’m being tonight, this is a good beer. Definitely worth trying.
Allagash Dubbel

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Author: Joshua Dion

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