Berkshire Cabin Fever Ale

Berkshire Cabin Fever AleToday I post yet another guest review. I’ve been blessed to have so many people volunteer to post here! This review comes from Brandon. This is his second or third review now. I’m obviously losing track. 🙂 His review is from this past Sunday.
Lazy Sunday… perfect day for a beer review.

I ventured out to a local music store in Fitchburg MA to pick up some acoustic guitar strings today, when upon pulling into the parking lot, I noticed Kappy’s Liquors. I’ve read good things about Kappy’s, most of them coming from local micro-brew fans. Apparently, Kappy has a nice micro-brew section. I decided to check it out. I walked out with three different brews. I decided to review the first one I opened, Berkshire Brewing’s Cabin Fever Ale. This came in bottle form.

First things first, this is a fairly strong Winter Ale, at 6.3%. The beer is brewed in Deerfield MA. This is my first Berkshire beer, but I’ve seen various Berkshire selections in local packies. I was surprised this bottle only cost $4.99! Why not, I thought.

It pours a brownish-orange color with somewhat of a red hue. I’m not one to care about lacing too much, but this beer left a nice bubbly lace in the pint glass.

It smelled of cinnamon/nutmeg and fruit. It had a stronger smell than what it delivered in the mouth.

This beer was very pleasant to drink, but left much to be desired. It wasn’t bad, but I expected more. It was citrusy at times, and malty the next. It was hard to pinpoint what my mouth was actually feeling. All in all a good beer, but more on the boring side.

I wouldn’t mind trying some other Berkshire beers, as the other reviews I have read tend to be quite positive. All in all though, I would give this one a C if I were go grade it.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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