Boston Craft Beer Tweetup – The Long Version

Yesterday’s Boston Craft Beer Tweetup ended up being everything I could have asked for (and more). From beginning to end, everything went great. The venue was awesome, the attendance was high both in quantity and quality, and we had some great door prizes to give away.

We held the event at the Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, MA. I cannot say enough about how great our hosts were. I met Phil, owner of the CBC, about six weeks before the event. After meeting and sealing the deal to hold the event at the CBC, Phil and I exchanged numerous emails in the coming weeks. He’s a very laid back and all around good guy.

The staff that were “on-duty” for the tweetup were great. Travis helped set up the space for us, and was our bartender for much of the afternoon. The acting manager Laura was friendly and provided me the door-prizes that Phil had offered up previously. The CBC was uber-generous, providing us a $50 gift certificate, a t-shirt, and a pint glass.

Travis served up the libations…

While Andy performed beer tricks

My praises of the CBC don’t end there though. The food is great, and the beer is phenomenal. They have 4 year-round beers on tap and any where between 6-9 seasonal brews. Yesterday they had a total of 9 beers on tap. I personally tried four of them, and each was as good as the previous one. My personal favorite was the biere de miel – a super-sweet 8.3% ABV honey ale.

The list wasn’t huge, but the quality was amazing

I wasn’t alone in my praises of CBC. I heard all kinds of positive feedback from the guests. Many folks were not familiar with the CBC, and were excited to have found out about it. Others were familiar, and were very happy that we ended up having the event there. Every person that I talked to raved about the beer. As I made the rounds talking to the guests, at least every single beer received an unsolicited recommendation. It seemed like the Scotch Ale and Express Porter were the most popular. The bar sold out of growlers of the Porter, and the group kicked the last keg of the Scotch Ale.

OH….and the beer prices are insane. I think the pints were around $3-4 and the growlers go for $10-$12!!!

$12 growlers? Get the F out of here…

The first hour of the tweetup was a furious scramble for me. I was trying to catch every person as they came in so I could introduce myself and make sure they got their name tag, entered the door prize raffle, and we’re settled in. If I could have only cloned myself! My wife Melissa was a huge lifesaver throughout the event…constantly helping me out.

Baby’s first tweetup! (Our nephew Hunter and daddy Dave)

After the first hour was up, it was time for door prizes. Thank God I have to give a lot of presentations at work, or I would have been very nervous standing up in front of so many people. No worries though…I just jumped up on a chair and did my thing. We had some truly excellent door prizes to give away.

The audience is COMPLETELY captivated and under my power

Mike showing off his winnings courtesy the CBC

Matt from The Original Beer Cookie donated packages of Beer Cookies. Four lucky winners walked away with a bag of the goodies. Because I had never tried them, I made sure to steal a bite from one of the winners. The Beer Cookie is sort of a cookie/cracker hybrid. Spicy and dry. Someone (and I’m sorry I don’t remember who) nailed it on the head when they said it was like beer Biscotti! Anyhow, I was grateful that Matt not only donated to the door prizes, but also showed up. On a side note, Matt’s story about starting his own business around The Original Beer Cookie is so intriguing. I’ll be interviewing him sometime in the next couple of weeks and posting about it here.

Andy walked away with some beer cookies

She had never won anything in her life…until now.

We were also lucky enough to have the guys from Downtown Wine and Spirits not only stop in, but also donate a 22oz bottle of beer, two pint glasses, and two bags of beer cookies. I heard about DTWS via twitter; when I asked my followers which Boston-area liquor store had the best craft beer selection, multiple people mentioned DTWS. I knew that I had to get these guys hooked into the event. Many thanks to Joe, Dan, Dave!

Joe, Dan, and Dave from DTWS just chilling

Joe wins the loot from DTWS

Jon, the head Brewer from Haverhill Brewery also attended the event and provided a $25 gift certificate to the Haverhill Brewery brewpub/restaurant. I had been looking forward to meeting Jon and somehow in all the hub-bub we completely missed each other. We’ll definitely meet-up next time bud! Thank you for the donation.

Stuart’s going to Haverhill Brewery!

Lastly, Lost in the Beer Aisle donated a four-pack of Bosteel’s Brewery Tripel Karmeliet which also included a sexy looking glass. I was seriously close to just keeping this door prize for myself, so the winner was extra lucky. 🙂

I’d like to thank myself for donating to my own cause

I have to give endless appreciation to our photographer Margaret from Kinniska Designs. All of the pictures you’re seeing in the post, as well as the 88 pictures in the slideshow are all courtesy of Margaret. You can also view all of the pictures individually on flickr. I found her via a relatively last-minute plea in Twitter to find a photographer. Not only is she a great photographer, she is also an avid beer fan! Thank you a hundred times over!!

Paul and Joe (2/3rds of TheBestBeerBlog) doing what they do best – entertain

In total, we had 40 people show-up to the Boston Craft Beer Tweetup. Among them, a number of twitter-folk. I’m going to try to list everyone. I’m sure I missed some folks. Please let me know if I missed you!

Our Host

Our Photographer

Door Prize Donors

Everyone Else!
and everyone from @CraftBeerCrew.

Alicia and some of the folks from CraftBeerCrew

I was truly moved by not only how many people came out, but how cool you all were. There wasn’t a beer-douche in the house! You were each awesome in your own way. This event was successful for one reason – you. You helped promote it, you came out, you made a great tweetup. I feel like I made 40 new friends yesterday. I’m still on cloud-9. I can’t wait for the next tweetup.

Speaking of the next tweetup, I have it tentatively planned for June. I’m open to hearing suggestions for the location.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to throw their own tweetup, I’m more than happy to sit down and chat about how I pulled mine together, how I worked with donors to get the door prizes, what worked well, and what I would have changed. Just let me know and we’ll have a beer and chat!

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