Breckenridge Brewery Remarkable Vanilla Porter

As we speak, I’m preparing for the Boston Craft Beer Tweetup. It’s finally here! In 45 minutes I’ll be out the door on my way. Another Saturday is upon us, and with it comes another episode of “Silvio Saturday”. If case you missed the first two sessions: Silvio Saturday #1, Silvio Saturday #2. This week he reviews Breckenridge Brewery Remarkable Vanilla Porter.

I must admit that I was quite psyched to try this beer. Vanilla is my all-time favorite flavor, and I’ve recently developed a taste for porters. So of course, a “remarkable” vanilla porter jumped off the shelf. Unfortunately I was a little let down overall, but perhaps it was because my expectations were so high.

To start, there was hardly any foam from the pour. In fact, because my camera wasn’t ready right away, I missed the chance to capture it on film – that’s how quickly it dissipated. But, all was not lost. The beer had a deep, dark color, just what you’d expect from a good porter. It also had a strong coffee smell, which stoked my excitement once again.

I dove right in with a big first sip and was rewarded with a great taste. The vanilla flavor lived up to its hype, and was really smooth but not overbearing. In fact, it transitioned into a bold solid porter flavor and combined, the two reminded me of a good cup of French Vanilla coffee.

Because this beer was pretty tasty and had hardly any carbonation, it didn’t last long. On subsequent sips, I also detected a nutty flavor, but not any one nut in particular. I checked the Breckenridge web site to determine the ABV, and it checked in at a light 4.7%. I wouldn’t recommend planning to put down a full sixer of this beer unless you’re really into porters, but it’s a good overall brew, especially if you love coffee.

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Author: Silvio

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