Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Brooklyn East India Pale AleSilvio Saturday continues today with a review of Brooklyn East India Pale Ale. Well done once again.

Brooklyn was one of my favorite college beers. Not one of the ubiquitous party beers you chug from a can, but it was approachable and easy to drink – probably the first “real” beer I ever enjoyed. I’ve gotten away from drinking them regularly with age and distance from the Northeast U.S., but when I saw the Brooklyn East India Pale Ale I knew I had to give it a shot.
I was happy with my choice from the very start. The pour translated into a frothy but relatively uninspired crown which dissipated quickly. Even though I wouldn’t get a beer mustache this tasting, it was okay with me because once gone, the foam left a deep copper color that reminded me of bourbon.

East India Pale Ales were first brewed with extra malt and hops to prevent spoiling during transport to British troops serving in India during the 1800s, and that legacy means lots of extra flavor to enjoy. My first sip came across tangy and a little bitter, but in a very enjoyable way. Under the initial taste, however, is a flowery mix of hops and citrus. I even got a little hint of iron when I swished it around – but far from being weird, it fit perfectly. The flavor is definitely heavy but it’s got a light and smooth aftertaste.
I really enjoyed Brooklyn’s East India Pale Ale – it reminded me of good memories and would make an excellent backyard barbecue beer. With a 6.8% ABV, it packs a punch, but not enough to worry about getting hammered off a few bottles. I’ll definitely make sure to enjoy it again sometime soon.

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