Chimay Red, Chimay Trippel, Chimay Blue

Chimay Red, Chimay Trippel, Chimay BlueI have recently made threats of doing a Chimay trifecta review: Chimay Red, Chimay Trippel, Chimay Blue. And before anyone gives me shit, I know…a correct trifecta would be Red, White, Blue. Oh…and also while I’m at it, no one give me guff about my drink-ware. Once again, I’m well aware that Chimay is “supposed” to be served in a tulip glass. Beer-douches may keep their comments to themselves. Oh, and one last thing, I stored these bottles sideways in the fridge, not standing up like the label insists I do. I’m a loner Dotty, a rebel.

The Red has an aroma of cloves and banana. Quite yummy. Knowing that this beer gets better as it warms, I let this sucker sit in the glass for probably 20 minutes. I’ve go the Trippel queued up, sitting on the kitchen table warming (in the bottle).
Chimay Red

Chimay Red

Chimay Red is an incredibly interesting looking brew. Tons of sediment which appears to hang in suspended animation. It’s an orangish red color. 2-3 fingers of head, but surprisingly little lacing. Slightly bitter at first. Ends spicy. Hints of cinnamon. Not as bready as I expected it to be. Super thick and smooth going down. 7% ABV.

Moving on to the Tripel…

Much different in appearance. It is lighter in color: an orangish yellow. Similar amount of sediment. The pour went bonkers on me. Not 1, 2, or 3 fingers of head…more like an entire fist of it. I only poured half of the bottle and had to stop. My bad. In my defense, I would have had to pour the thing ridiculously slow. Once again, little lacing.

Smells bready and banana-ey. Orange zest is the first flavor I get. I also get some booziness, which isn’t terribly surprising at 8% ABV. Definitely getting coriander flavors as well. Pretty well balanced. The Trippel is definitely less complex than the red. Both are really good brews.

And to finish the evening off…the Blue!

Just one look and one sniff and I can tell the blue is going to be be different. It’s the darkest of the three, a deep mahogany. Similar head to the red. Still no lacing (I’m detecting a theme). The smell is significantly boozy, although at 9% ABV the Blue weighs in as the heavyweight of the evening.

The flavor is a little on the mysterious side. Dark fruits are swimming around in there, however they aren’t as dominant as other dark-fruitish brews. As I keep on sipping I’m more and more inclined to say the flavor is grape. There’s a hint of spice, but nothing like the Chimay Red.

All three beers were good if not great. For those of you wondering, yes, I’m a little tipsy. I did take my time with each beer…almost exactly 45 minutes per bottle. I also gargles with water and ate bread in between each beer. I felt like I needed to do so in order to give each one a fair shake.

Chimay makes some ridiculously good brews for sure. All three were relatively complex, especially the the Red. All three were slow drinking, but on the the other hand, I don’t feel bloated or sick after drinking all three. I was particularly impressed by the vast difference between the Red and the Blue. I expected these to be much closer in flavor, but they were vastly different beers. All-in-all I don’t know if I could even pick a favorite out of these three beers…all great in their own rite.

On a final note, I want to thank you if you’re still reading my ramblings. You get a gold star for patience. :)

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Author: Joshua Dion

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