Great Divide Yeti

Great Divide YetiFor the Superbowl we went over to our friend’s Sean & Kerry’s place. They had some new beers for me to try. Generally speaking, when I’m out or with friends I’m “off duty” and don’t review beers. Sean had picked up a bottle of Great Divide Yeti and wanted to co-review it, so I obviously couldn’t say no.

You need to be careful when pouring this one. Pour it down the side of the glass from beginning to end or you’ll risk an overflow. Even if you end up with a ton of head, you’ll at least get to appreciate how pretty it is – fluffy brown head that makes the beer look like a milkshake. Super thick head as well. One other person at the party said the beer looked fake because when you tilted the glass the head didn’t budge.

The aroma was quite strange for me. Smelled like olives. Yes, olives. A slight turn off for me since I’m not particularly down with olives. Sean really only picked up a boozy smell, so maybe my nose was just on the fritz yesterday.

The taste COMPLETELY made up for any shortcomings of the smell. Although the boldest flavors are malt-based, the beer is surprisingly balanced…in fact, if it were on either side of the bitter/sweet scale, I would say it slightly tips to the bitter side. Although Great Divide Yeti isn’t a chocolate stout, I thought that the aftertaste the beer provided was the most genuine dark chocolate taste I’ve had in a beer. I’m a serious dark chocolate guy (80-90% cacao is my fav). I also thought that I was getting some coffee flavor coming through, but after reading the bottle I realized that it is TOFFEE with a T. I don’t remember the last time I had toffee, so I suppose that’s why I couldn’t identify the flavor.

Long story short, this is a very good beer. Let it warm up a bit and you’ll be rewarded.

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.