Haverhill Brewery Joshua Norton Imperial Stout

Haverhill Brewery Joshua Norton Imperial StoutTonight we went to a wine and cheese party that our landlord/rental agency held. Pretty good times. Shitty turnout for a community of hundreds. There were like 10 people there. Whatever…more wine for the rest of us. It started at 5:30 so we skipped dinner and went there first. Empty stomach plus wine = excellence. We both got fairly tipsy. Unfortunately this culminated in brief marital argumentation (I just made that word up) upon arrival at the homestead. The normal stuff. I did something, I’m a jerk. I get defensive and pissy. Put in a movie (Year One) and forget how the argument started. Typical married life stuff, right?

I’m skipping the whole food thing and making this Haverhill Brewery Joshua Norton Imperial Stout my dinner. This should go wonderfully on top of all that wine. 🙂 I’m not jumping right into it though…it has to cool down first. Perfect timing to digress…

I recently stopped storing my beer in the fridge crisper. I was getting freaked out about “cap contamination” from storing the bottles sideways. So now all the beer is stored in the bottom of the China cabinet until it’s time to cool and drink. Note to beer douches: I don’t have a cellar for appropriate storage, so the cabinet will have to do.

Enough of all that jazz. Let’s drink some Joshua.

The smell of this one is oatmealish. I also detect some toffee. Black in color and maybe a finger or two of head. I had to pour it incredibly aggressively to get what head there is. That all said, the head does look deliciously fluffy (see picture).

Upon first taste I’m reminded of recent stouts I’ve tried. Coffee and toffee flavors come blasting at me. Absolutely, definitely more bitter than sweet. Not killer bitter, but enough to be sure you know it. It really reminds me of some bitter-ass oatmeal stouts I’ve had in the past. I’d love to hit-up the Haverhill brewery’s website to get more information about the beer, but it’s clearly an amateur deal. The website is a shell with virtually no information, and multiple empty pages. A work in progress? Regardless, I refuse to even link to it.

I’m actually surprised that it dials-in at 9.3% ABV. The booze is well masked. And although I’ve really developed a penchant for sweet brews, I’m digging this Joshua Norton.

And I’ll finish where I started off: Empty stomach + wine + 22 ounces of 9.3ABV brew = a happy man.
Haverhill Brewery Joshua Norton Imperial Stout

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Author: Joshua Dion

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