Lagunitas Maximus

Lagunitas MaximusAnother day, another guest review! W.L. Wittstruck is posting for a second time. His last review was for Elysian Immortal IPA. You can read his bio at the aforementioned linky! Thanks for bringing us another great review bud!

I was initially introduced to Lagunitas Maximus by Chris Cassidy (an excellent home brewer, good friend, and amazing musician who wrote the score for our last short film Deep Blue) while we were working on a music project together.

Lagunitas Maximus is one of my favorite beers and manages to seamlessly blend smooth, sweet, and bitter together unlike any other beer I’ve ever had. Even my wife, who is not a fan of IPA’s, found it to be quite smooth and sweet.

This beer pours easily into the glass with a rich caramel color that is anything but cloudy. The head is decent, but not overly aggressive and plenty of happy bubbles find their way to the surface through the golden goodness. The strong hop presence is balanced with a sweet aroma tempting you to take the first sip.

Amazingly smooth and sweet, the hops eagerly announce themselves and stay with you from beginning to end. While the hops are the stars of the show, a slightly fruity/citrus flavor manages to sneak in there for a periodic guest appearance. I am always amazed how well everything seamlessly blends together.

Maximus packs a hearty 7.5% alcohol by volume and plenty of hop kick at 72 IBU’s, this is a beer to enjoy, not to chug – although the label would lead you down a different road as it states “Life is uncertain. Don’t sip.” And “If some is good: more is better. Instant gratification is not fast enough. 42 IBU? Why not 72!” How can you argue with that? I sure can’t.

I would recommend this to all those “hop heads” out there and anyone interested in taking a walk on the wild side.
Lagunitas Maximus

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Author: Joshua Dion

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