Rogue Double Dead Guy

Rogue Double Dead Guy
Tonight I participated in another online beer brainstorm (my third to date). These are SO much fun. Drinking with someone, even if they are hundred or thousands of miles away totally beats drinking and reviewing alone. Many thanks to my recent guest-reviewer, fellow beer-blogger, and twitter bud Mike for doing the beer brainstorm with me tonight…I had a great time! So without further ado…

@mikebiewer: im going to pull mine out.
@Lost_in_beer: TMI :)
@Lost_in_beer: not that kinda chat
@mikebiewer: lol
@Lost_in_beer: Pictures of the bottle have been taken…about to crack and pour
@Lost_in_beer: Ready to rock and roll when you are
@mikebiewer: Right on. Let’s do eet!
@Lost_in_beer: This puppy has a crazy head on it
@mikebiewer: 3 finger!
@Lost_in_beer: heck yeah…I had to pull the emergency brake on my pour
@mikebiewer: I love this kind of head too. The fluffy stable kind
@Lost_in_beer: yeah…like whipped egg whites
@mikebiewer: Less hoppy than I thought it was going to smell.
@Lost_in_beer: Agreed…more sweet citrus smell
@mikebiewer: little caramel smell as well
@Lost_in_beer: sippy time?
@mikebiewer: Yes sir, lets drink this shit up
@mikebiewer: Wow
@Lost_in_beer: Double WOW
@Lost_in_beer: does NOT taste like 72 IBU
@mikebiewer: It starts off super sweet and ends super bitter
@Lost_in_beer: I’m getting very little bitter actually
@Lost_in_beer: (relatively)
@mikebiewer: Interesting
@Lost_in_beer: I did have some spicy food 30 mins ago
@Lost_in_beer: think it affects the taste for me?
@mikebiewer: maybe. I had chicken and asapragus
@Lost_in_beer: mmmmm asparagus. Love the stuff…makes my pee smell bad.
@mikebiewer: lol me to!
@mikebiewer: For 9% ABV I don’t taste or smell the alcohol.
@Lost_in_beer: nope…completely masked
@mikebiewer: Which is good and bad for me. I love a little alcohol burn.
@mikebiewer: The more I drink the more I can taste a little more caramel.
@Lost_in_beer: Citrus + caramel
@mikebiewer: that bitterness goes away that I was referring to as well.
@mikebiewer: or I’m getting used to it.
@Lost_in_beer: Prolly your tongue getting used to it
@Lost_in_beer: *nod*
@Lost_in_beer: I’m still blown away. This just doesn’t taste that hoppy to me.
@mikebiewer: Not at all
@mikebiewer: My wife would love this shit.
@mikebiewer: I was just reading on rogues site, they have tasting notes for this. “Apricot”
@Lost_in_beer: Apricot eh? Yeahhhhh….about that. Not getting it.
@mikebiewer: yea, I don’t taste it either, but I haven’t had apricots in a long time.
@Lost_in_beer: Ever tried Dogfish Head Aprihop? EXCELLENT apricot flavored brew
@mikebiewer: I have not. I saw they were bottling that today to get ready for March 1st release
@Lost_in_beer: Getting back to the Dead Guy…
@Lost_in_beer: Thoughts on mouthfeel?
@mikebiewer: Medium bodied. Not very carbonated.
@mikebiewer: like a very light syrup
@Lost_in_beer: I’d classify it similarly. Very moderate carbonation and smooth
@Lost_in_beer: “light syrup” covers it…although there is some bubbly
@mikebiewer: it is definitely smooth, good point!
@mikebiewer: How bout that color?
@mikebiewer: Perfect ale color. I love this color when it comes to beer
@Lost_in_beer: Yup, amber
@mikebiewer: Its not scary to look at like a dark as a well diggers ass in the klondike at midnight. Which can be intimidating to some lol
@Lost_in_beer: wait wait wait
@Lost_in_beer: what is this about well-digger’s ass?
@mikebiewer: lol. Referring to the stouts and porters that can be dark as night
@mikebiewer: its just an expression my dad likes to use
@mikebiewer: My dad is a real character
@Lost_in_beer: I guess so :)
@Lost_in_beer: You onto the second pint yet?
@mikebiewer: yes, onto the next pint
@mikebiewer: is it just me or is this beer getting sweeter as we go?
@Lost_in_beer: Yeah…sweeter as it warms
@Lost_in_beer: One thing I’m loving about this beer – It’s a citrusy bitter beer that doesn’t taste like you’re eating 100 grapefruits
@Lost_in_beer: I’m SO OVER that taste
@mikebiewer: yea. The wheat beers are notorious for it
@Lost_in_beer: I’m guessing it’s due to that apricot they mention. Probably offsetting grapefruity flavors
@mikebiewer: I think the citrus is more in the head and as you drink you smell it
@mikebiewer: I don’t really taste it.
@mikebiewer: let me try pluggin my nose!
@Lost_in_beer: LOL
@Lost_in_beer: Don’t choke
@mikebiewer: So after drinking almost this whole bottle, what do you think about drinkability?
@Lost_in_beer: TOTALLY drinkable
@Lost_in_beer: I could drink another 1pt 10oz
@mikebiewer: I think I could do another bottle and be done
@Lost_in_beer: I’d need to eat something first though!
@mikebiewer: I’m glad we agree!
@Lost_in_beer: Overall summary of the beer?
@mikebiewer: I think it is unexpected, but in a good way.
@mikebiewer: I wasn’t expecting that rush of sweet to bitter I got at the front
@mikebiewer: But it has warmed up to be a very balanced brew, with great head ^_^
@Lost_in_beer: *nod* You hit it on the head.
@Lost_in_beer: CRAZY how well balanced a 72 IBU brew can be. Sexy head. Great color. Caramel plus citrus plus bitterness.
@Lost_in_beer: Let’s call it a wrap?
@mikebiewer: I appreciate this to man. It is a lot of fun
@Lost_in_beer: ditto.
@mikebiewer: Have a good one!
@Lost_in_beer: you too! Talk to ya soon
Rogue Double Dead Guy

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