Southern Tier Choklat

Southern Tier Choklat
Saturday we celebrated my little brother Nick’s 17th birthday. It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing the big-brother program since he was 10! We spent the day in Providence to celebrate. It was his first time ever in Rhode Island. At this point in his life, 90% of the places he has visited and the things he has done have been at my side. This is mostly due to the fact that he’s a city kid and his family has limited resources. I’ll take this chance to promote the Big Brother Big Sister program. Devoting only a few hours a week can totally change a kid’s life. I personally can attest to that as both a former “little” and now a “big”.

For lunch we took Nick to Julian’s. Julian’s is a hip little joint that serves awesome food (vegan/veggie as well as carnist). They also happen to have a phenomenal beer selection: 14 beers on tap and a really good bottled selection as well.

To go with my vegan Eggs Benedict and home fries I ordered a glass of Southern Tier Choklat. I know…it’s a funky combination. And yes, I’m a lush and drank beer with my breakfast. 🙂

This brew is a dark brown color with a tan head. I expected lacing, but was not rewarded. It was served in a tulip glass, and for the record…I don’t see how the glass enhanced the beer at all. On the other hand, the fact that the glass had a Southern Tier label definitely made the beer taste better.

The beer is overall sweet. Even stone cold, Choklat isn’t bitter. I identified toffee, coffee, and milk chocolate as the main flavors. I’m guessing the ABV was pretty high: 8% maybe? *google* OK, 9.1%…I was close. Overall Southern Tier Choklat is an excellent beer.

The birthday celebration went on from there. To the Providence Place Mall first for a movie and then Dave and Busters. We saw The Lightening Thief, which was a good flick. This was my first trip to Dave and Busters. Cool? Yes. Unique? No. We have a couple of places like this near me. In my opinion, the game selection at Dave and Busters stinks in comparison. But I digress…

We finished the day off with dinner at a local Chinese food restaurant. Overall, an excellent day.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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