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Loyal blog follower and twitter-bud Tyler joined me tonight to review Avery IPA. This beer brainstorm was a few weeks in the making. He and I talked for a couple of weeks trying to sync-up and find a beer we both wanted to try and we could BOTH get a hold of. Tyler was across the country, so we also had to work out the timing due to the timezone difference. Last week we had everything all squared away and I went and got sick. Epic Lost-fail. Tonight it all came together, and although I didn’t particularly like the beer, I loved the brainstorming session. Thanks T!

BreworFerment: Feeling better this week?
Lost_in_beer: Quite a bit
Lost_in_beer: but now the wife has got the bug
Lost_in_beer: Speaking of bugs…what’s this about a virus on your PC?
BreworFerment: Well I got rid of the virus now Im just trying to fix the aftermath
Lost_in_beer: That’s what happens when you surf a lot of porn though :)
BreworFerment: lol yeah I know that’s what they keep telling me
Lost_in_beer: I’m ready to drink some beer…you?
BreworFerment: for sure I love me some Avery
BreworFerment: popping and pouring now
Lost_in_beer: Have you ever tried this before?
BreworFerment: nope you?
Lost_in_beer: natta
BreworFerment: Not much of a head on mine and it’s pretty much gone already
BreworFerment: no lacing, poured into a regular pint glass
Lost_in_beer: I’m got 1 finger of head, which (to the contrary) is kinda just sitting there
BreworFerment: hmmm I’ve got a little bit of peach fuzz hanging out on the top but that’s it
Lost_in_beer: I’ve noticed that on a couple of these beerstorms…dunno if it is differing pours, or differing amounts of carb. in the bottles
BreworFerment: elevation maybe? I don’t know if that would have something to do with it
BreworFerment: I’m at sea level you?
Lost_in_beer: Slightly above? I actually have no idea :)
BreworFerment: I’m a science teacher and we’ve been talking about air pressure so that’s why I was wondering
BreworFerment: weird thing to wonder I guess
Lost_in_beer: Intriguing though
Lost_in_beer: Over the past fall I was REALLY getting turned off by IPAs
Lost_in_beer: But I took at least a month (maybe two now) off from them
BreworFerment: There was a ton of pine on this one but it’s toned down now that it’s been sitting a bit…so first time back?
BreworFerment: Which one turned you off? I took some time off too after a Green Flash West Coast IPA
Lost_in_beer: Everything i was tasting was the same thing…grapefruity
Lost_in_beer: Not a lot of variety
Lost_in_beer: And I’m a sweet beer kinda guy, so a bitter beer really needs to bring it
BreworFerment: yeah…I really liked the Punk IPA from Brewdog that’s what kind of brought me back
BreworFerment: well balanced, not bitter for bitter’s sake
BreworFerment: This one is not too bad but there isn’t much malt there
Lost_in_beer: This Avery is definitely piney
Lost_in_beer: Way more pine than grapefruit
BreworFerment: the aroma is toned down like I said but the taste is definitely all pine
BreworFerment: hint of the fruit but not much
BreworFerment: good carbonation but I tend to like my beers a little more full, that Brewdog was not as bubbly which gave a nice body to it. This one has got decent body, lingers a bit syrupy on the back end
Lost_in_beer: Generally, I’m not down
Lost_in_beer: Getting back to what you said about bitter for bitter sake…this beer is piney for piney sake!
Lost_in_beer: No balance
BreworFerment: yeah… it smells and tastes like Northern California forest where I grew up
BreworFerment: I’m getting a little bit of alcohol burn too even though it’s only 6.3 ABV
BreworFerment: LOOONGGG piney finish though, I’m swallowing and still tasting pinecone
Lost_in_beer: Just like licking a tree :)
Lost_in_beer: Definitely a hop-head kinda brew
Lost_in_beer: I was just looking up the IBU – 69ish
BreworFerment: yeah. It’s funny I haven’t had a super high IBU beer like 90 Minute but I used to really like it. I wonder if I still would, or if I liked it because despite the high IBU it was balanced
BreworFerment: This one is only 60 something like you said but still pretty bitter
BreworFerment: What of you think of this one now that its warming? Any better?
Lost_in_beer: Kinda grows on you, but in part I think it’s because your tongue gets used to the pine-attack
Lost_in_beer: Final reflections on the Avery IPA?
BreworFerment: One Note Pinecone Wonder
BreworFerment: Drinkable but I won’t buy another 6
BreworFerment: You?
Lost_in_beer: I couldn’t have said it better
Lost_in_beer: glad I only bought a single
Lost_in_beer: A good selection for bitter beer lovers though
BreworFerment: Alright well getting late there I’ll let you go, this was great we should do it again if you are up for it
Lost_in_beer: I’d totally be up for another. Thanks for joining me tonight!

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

5 thoughts on “Avery IPA”

  1. The amount of head can vary for multiple reasons. The main reason you guys probably saw a different amount was likely from your pour and your glassware. The harder you pour, the more head. Also, if you wash your glasses in the dishwasher, they likely have a residue from the detergent. It will kill head retention. Same if you don't rinse them well if you wash by hand. While I'm sure elevation can come into play, a difference of just a couple hundred feet isn't going to change that. One of you would have had to been in Colorado and the other at sea level for it to make enough of a difference.

    As for what you thought about the beer, it's a really good IPA, but meant for hopheads. Most west coast IPAs are that way, which is why you probably don't like them.

    And a little note on IBUs. DFH 90 Min might have more IBU's than this beer, but because it's so hopped, they need more malt to balance it out (or it'd be undrinkable). That increases the alcohol content and the sweetness. IBU is just a measure of the alpha acids from the hops. It's really a poor indicator of how bitter the beer will taste. You need to compare the IBU's to the alcohol content. The higher the alcohol content, the sweeter the beer will tend to be. DFH also has their 120 Min IPA, which has even more hops, but to balance it out, there's even more malt. It's really super sweet and tastes nothing like an IPA.

    You should look for English style IPA's. They tend to be very balanced and the hops used tend to be less bitter and more floral. Some good examples of these are Long Trail's IPA and Brooklyn's East India Pale Ale (and there are obviously some from England as well).

  2. RunawayJim! That was a great comment Jim. DFH's 90 is my favorite because of all the malt. It is so well rounded, but you are right it has something like 90 IBUs which would probably scare most non hop heads off and is a terrible indicator of how bitter a beer actually is.

  3. Good call on the English style IPA's Jim. I just tried Left Hand's 400 Lb Monkey and it was fantastic. That is a great one for the English IPA style. HIGHLY recommended.

  4. I need to try the 400 lb Monkey still. I've heard nothing but praise for it. I'm a hophead, but I love good English style IPA's. They're a nice break from the over-the-top hops in many of the American IPA's.

    90 Min is not my favorite, but it's a good standby. When I drink a DIPA, I want more hops. But it's very common for DIPA's to taste less bitter than IPA's even though they have more IBU's. I think the term IBU was poorly thought out since it really is a scientific measurement of the alpha acid content of the hops and not a measurement of bitter flavor in the beer.

    If you want to try a really heavily hopped DIPA, Avery's Maharaja, especially when it's super fresh, is serious hops.

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