Avery IPA

Loyal blog follower and twitter-bud Tyler joined me tonight to review Avery IPA. This beer brainstorm was a few weeks in the making. He and I talked for a couple of weeks trying to sync-up and find a beer we both wanted to try and we could BOTH get a hold of. Tyler was across the country, so we also had to work out the timing due to the timezone difference. Last week we had everything all squared away and I went and got sick. Epic Lost-fail. Tonight it all came together, and although I didn’t particularly like the beer, I loved the brainstorming session. Thanks T!

BreworFerment: Feeling better this week?
Lost_in_beer: Quite a bit
Lost_in_beer: but now the wife has got the bug
Lost_in_beer: Speaking of bugs…what’s this about a virus on your PC?
BreworFerment: Well I got rid of the virus now Im just trying to fix the aftermath
Lost_in_beer: That’s what happens when you surf a lot of porn though :)
BreworFerment: lol yeah I know that’s what they keep telling me
Lost_in_beer: I’m ready to drink some beer…you?
BreworFerment: for sure I love me some Avery
BreworFerment: popping and pouring now
Lost_in_beer: Have you ever tried this before?
BreworFerment: nope you?
Lost_in_beer: natta
BreworFerment: Not much of a head on mine and it’s pretty much gone already
BreworFerment: no lacing, poured into a regular pint glass
Lost_in_beer: I’m got 1 finger of head, which (to the contrary) is kinda just sitting there
BreworFerment: hmmm I’ve got a little bit of peach fuzz hanging out on the top but that’s it
Lost_in_beer: I’ve noticed that on a couple of these beerstorms…dunno if it is differing pours, or differing amounts of carb. in the bottles
BreworFerment: elevation maybe? I don’t know if that would have something to do with it
BreworFerment: I’m at sea level you?
Lost_in_beer: Slightly above? I actually have no idea :)
BreworFerment: I’m a science teacher and we’ve been talking about air pressure so that’s why I was wondering
BreworFerment: weird thing to wonder I guess
Lost_in_beer: Intriguing though
Lost_in_beer: Over the past fall I was REALLY getting turned off by IPAs
Lost_in_beer: But I took at least a month (maybe two now) off from them
BreworFerment: There was a ton of pine on this one but it’s toned down now that it’s been sitting a bit…so first time back?
BreworFerment: Which one turned you off? I took some time off too after a Green Flash West Coast IPA
Lost_in_beer: Everything i was tasting was the same thing…grapefruity
Lost_in_beer: Not a lot of variety
Lost_in_beer: And I’m a sweet beer kinda guy, so a bitter beer really needs to bring it
BreworFerment: yeah…I really liked the Punk IPA from Brewdog that’s what kind of brought me back
BreworFerment: well balanced, not bitter for bitter’s sake
BreworFerment: This one is not too bad but there isn’t much malt there
Lost_in_beer: This Avery is definitely piney
Lost_in_beer: Way more pine than grapefruit
BreworFerment: the aroma is toned down like I said but the taste is definitely all pine
BreworFerment: hint of the fruit but not much
BreworFerment: good carbonation but I tend to like my beers a little more full, that Brewdog was not as bubbly which gave a nice body to it. This one has got decent body, lingers a bit syrupy on the back end
Lost_in_beer: Generally, I’m not down
Lost_in_beer: Getting back to what you said about bitter for bitter sake…this beer is piney for piney sake!
Lost_in_beer: No balance
BreworFerment: yeah… it smells and tastes like Northern California forest where I grew up
BreworFerment: I’m getting a little bit of alcohol burn too even though it’s only 6.3 ABV
BreworFerment: LOOONGGG piney finish though, I’m swallowing and still tasting pinecone
Lost_in_beer: Just like licking a tree :)
Lost_in_beer: Definitely a hop-head kinda brew
Lost_in_beer: I was just looking up the IBU – 69ish
BreworFerment: yeah. It’s funny I haven’t had a super high IBU beer like 90 Minute but I used to really like it. I wonder if I still would, or if I liked it because despite the high IBU it was balanced
BreworFerment: This one is only 60 something like you said but still pretty bitter
BreworFerment: What of you think of this one now that its warming? Any better?
Lost_in_beer: Kinda grows on you, but in part I think it’s because your tongue gets used to the pine-attack
Lost_in_beer: Final reflections on the Avery IPA?
BreworFerment: One Note Pinecone Wonder
BreworFerment: Drinkable but I won’t buy another 6
BreworFerment: You?
Lost_in_beer: I couldn’t have said it better
Lost_in_beer: glad I only bought a single
Lost_in_beer: A good selection for bitter beer lovers though
BreworFerment: Alright well getting late there I’ll let you go, this was great we should do it again if you are up for it
Lost_in_beer: I’d totally be up for another. Thanks for joining me tonight!

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Author: Joshua Dion

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