Blue Point Blueberry Ale & Seadog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale & Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale

This weekend has been crazy busy. So busy that I wasn’t even able to get back to the PC to post yesterday’s installment of Silvio Saturday. The weather was great this weekend and the wife and I spent it doing some cool things. Most awesomely, I went on my first ever brewery tour. I’ll be blogging about that later tonight or tomorrow. Must run now. Finally getting to rest after a long weekend – Wife is taking a nap, Aliens is on the tube, and I have no other priorities! Take it away Silvio…
Blueberry, three ways – Silvio Saturday Sunday

I’ve never been a fan of “fruity” beers, but inspired by my recent positive experience with an apricot IPA, I’ve decided to boldly go in an entirely new direction this week with blueberry-flavored beers.

I selected three brews, the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale, Blue Point Blueberry Ale, and the Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale. I can’t say that I’ve ever really had a blueberry beer, but the whole point of this is to try new things, so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

First up was the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale. The pour resulted in a decent foam head, about two fingers tall, which dissipated relatively quickly into a cloudy pale ale color. The brew had a faint blueberry aroma, without being overbearing, and it pulled through into a rich taste – it really reminded me of eating a fresh blueberry. However, that first sip quickly faded into an aftertaste muddled with the heavy ale background flavor, which left a too-sweet lingering blueberry taste. I finished the whole bottle, but it was a little too sweet to really enjoy it. If I wasn’t reviewing the bottle, I probably wouldn’t have finished my glass. I couldn’t find the ABV on the bottle or on the company’s Web site.

Next up, Blue Point’s Blueberry Ale. The foam head was more impressive than the first, with a two-finger tall crown that hung around for a minute. This brew had a clear golden color and strong blueberry aroma. I was quite excited to dive in, but the aroma didn’t really pull through to the first sip. Instead of blueberry though, the main flavor is solidly wheat ale – quite good, actually. The secondary flavor was definitely a berry, but not really distinct. There were solid hints of blueberry in the aftertaste, though, and I enjoyed this brew until the last drop. The label claims a 4.6% ABV, but their Web site pegs it at 4.3%.

Last up, Sea Dog’s Wild Blue Paw Blueberry Wheat Ale. The pour had nearly no foam at all, and what little foam there was disappeared almost immediately – so quickly, in fact, that it was gone by the time I took the picture. The brew had a deep amber color, but an overly sweet aroma. It’s got a decent blueberry flavor and a subtle wheat ale background. The aftertaste was a bit too saccharine for me though, similar to a low-fat blueberry muffin. It fades quickly though, and doesn’t ruin the flavor. Not a bad beer overall. A discrepancy on ABV once more, with the label claiming 4.7% and the Web site saying 4.6%.

In summary, these three beers aren’t that different. I liked the Blue Point best because it blended the blueberry hints quite well with the wheat ale base and I could see myself enjoying several on a hot day. The other two had a bit too much of an artificial taste for me to really enjoy them, and I wouldn’t recommend more than one of them in a sitting unless you really love berries.

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