Brooklyn Brown Ale & Troegs Rugged Trail Nut Brown Ale

Tonight Silvio (of Silvio Saturday fame) and I decided to finally do a beer brainstorm together. Not just any beer brainstorm though…a DOUBLE beer brainstorm (Brooklyn Brown Ale & Troegs Rugged Trail Nut Brown Ale). What a better way to finish off the weekend?

@Lost_in_Beer: What let you down about the aftertaste?
Silvio_Marcacci: It’s seems a little watered down after a few seconds
Silvio_Marcacci: Like the flavor doesn’t last
@Lost_in_Beer: I wondered if you’d say that…I’m sensing that too
@Lost_in_Beer: You get that big coffee/nuttyness up front, then it fades pretty quick
Silvio_Marcacci: Exactly. Great start, but no finish
Silvio_Marcacci: But it’s good
Silvio_Marcacci: Just not great
@Lost_in_Beer: Well balanced I’d say
@Lost_in_Beer: Not particularly sweet or bitter
Silvio_Marcacci: Agreed
Silvio_Marcacci: I’m looking up the ABV now
@Lost_in_Beer: Any lacing on your glass?
Silvio_Marcacci: Yeah, definitely
@Lost_in_Beer: Did you end up with a ‘stache as expected? :)
Silvio_Marcacci: Haha, no, unfortunately!
Silvio_Marcacci: I tell you what, I’m definitely enjoying the rest of this
Silvio_Marcacci: Nice all-around beer
@Lost_in_Beer: Goes down pretty easy, I’ll give it that much
@Lost_in_Beer: Did you find the ABV?
Silvio_Marcacci: Brooklyn’s Web site says 5.6%
@Lost_in_Beer: The more I taste it, the more I think there is also some vanilla flavor
Silvio_Marcacci: I don’t really get the vanilla
Silvio_Marcacci: Bummer, because I love vanilla
Silvio_Marcacci: LOL
Silvio_Marcacci: Ok, all done the Brooklyn. Want to move on to number two?
@Lost_in_Beer: Holy hell man
@Lost_in_Beer: You drink fast :)
@Lost_in_Beer: 12 minutes, 12 ounces
@Lost_in_Beer: I’ve still got 1/4 left…gimme a couple mins
@Lost_in_Beer: Summary thoughts on this one?
Silvio_Marcacci: Haha, yeah I tend to chug the ones I like :)
Silvio_Marcacci: Summary of the Brooklyn: It’s a good, but not great brown ale. Lots of flavor, but a weak aftertaste. I’d pick it up again.
@Lost_in_Beer: My final thoughts (I feel like Jerry Springer) on the Brooklyn:
@Lost_in_Beer: Strange flavor for a brown ale. Reminds me of a VERY light coffee porter in lots of ways. I tend to agree with you on weak finish. Surprisingly high ABV. Average to slightly above average beer.

Silvio_Marcacci: Did you pour the Troeg’s yet?
Silvio_Marcacci: Very interesting pour, IMHO
@Lost_in_Beer: Looks just like the Brooklyn if you ask me!
Silvio_Marcacci: Agreed on the color – very similar to the Brooklyn
@Lost_in_Beer: More head on this one…although I poured it more aggressively
Silvio_Marcacci: Mine actually foamed over the glass rim
Silvio_Marcacci: Couldn’t pour the whole thing at once
@Lost_in_Beer: Dissipates quick tho
Silvio_Marcacci: Oh yeah
Silvio_Marcacci: One weird thing – I noticed some really small flakes floating down to the bottom
@Lost_in_Beer: Uhhhh I don’t see any of that action :)
@Lost_in_Beer: Beyond the look, this beer is vastly different from the Brooklyn
Silvio_Marcacci: Yeah, very different taste
@Lost_in_Beer: Coffee is replaced by nuttyness
Silvio_Marcacci: I liked the Brooklyn better
@Lost_in_Beer: Definitely makes the Brooklyn seem full flavored
Silvio_Marcacci: I still taste the coffee, but it’s like comparing Dunkin Doughnuts to Starbucks
Silvio_Marcacci: Yeah, this seems a lot more watered-down
Silvio_Marcacci: And a lot fizzier
@Lost_in_Beer: 4.4% ABV you said, right?
Silvio_Marcacci: Yup
@Lost_in_Beer: Yeah, you could pound down a sixer of this no problem
@Lost_in_Beer: Not sure I would want to… but I could
Silvio_Marcacci: I really can’t place the taste on this one
Silvio_Marcacci: I hear you on the nutty flavor, but it’s not any one in particular
@Lost_in_Beer: Yeah…I can never place specific nuts
@Lost_in_Beer: I picked up this bottle as a part of a mixed 12 pack
@Lost_in_Beer: I really enjoyed having a few mixed in
Silvio_Marcacci: I bought this as part of a mixed twelve too
Silvio_Marcacci: Picked up a ton of new brews, but probably won’t grab this again
@Lost_in_Beer: Summary thoughts?
Silvio_Marcacci: Hm.I’d say in summary, this is a below-average brown ale. I get the nuttiness, and that’s ok, but the extra carbonation and watered-down taste pull it down. Brooklyn was way better.
@Lost_in_Beer: My summary: A decent brown ale, albeit lacking some flavor. I would classify it as an excellent cross-over beer for people that have traditionally drank macros and are looking to start getting into craft beer.
Silvio_Marcacci: Well, I’m glad we finally got to do a beer brainstorm together!
@Lost_in_Beer: And a ground-breaking double beer brainstorm to boot!
@Lost_in_Beer: Thanks Silvio!

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Author: Joshua Dion

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