Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Dogfish Head World Wide StoutI told ya…these beer brainstorms are catching like wildfire! I wish I could get a patent or trademark or something. :) Tonight a fellow twitter-er and craft beer fanatic Robert and I tried out the Dogfish Head World Wide Stout. $8.99 for a 12oz bottle…would it live up to the hype and is the price justified?

@threefrenchs: Ready anytime you are
@Lost_in_Beer: Ready to rock here
@Lost_in_Beer: About to start pouring
@threefrenchs: I’m right behind you
@Lost_in_Beer: Virtually no head here
@threefrenchs: I was thinking the same thing. Very flat in appearance
@Lost_in_Beer: Beers like this always scare me initially…
@threefrenchs: The beer has the appearance of a flat soda
@threefrenchs: The beer has a very Rich aroma. Smells very complex
@Lost_in_Beer: agreed…I can’t place what I’m picking up in the smell
@Lost_in_Beer: It’s probably chocolate with a hint of alcohol
@threefrenchs: I’m getting a little barrel aged feel, but I don’t think it is
@Lost_in_Beer: Could be…like oaky?
@threefrenchs: Oak or even a little smoke
@Lost_in_Beer: So, what little head I had (not even a finger) was kinda caramel colored
@threefrenchs: caramel, or even a little darker
@Lost_in_Beer: I’m going in for the taste
@threefrenchs: Wow. huge flavor.
@Lost_in_Beer: MONSTER huge
@Lost_in_Beer: It’s giving me “Dogfish Face”: The face I often make when DFH blows my mind :)
@threefrenchs: That has to be one of the biggest stouts i have ever had
@threefrenchs: syrupy mouth feel
@Lost_in_Beer: minimal carbonation
@threefrenchs: and goes down way smooth!
@Lost_in_Beer: I’m getting that warming booziness afterward. Not so much in the taste though. In my belleeeahy!
@threefrenchs: Agreed, a very WARM beer. I would think letting it get to about 55 degrees might even bring out MORE!!!
@Lost_in_Beer: Good point. Did you let it warm at all before the pour? Only about 5 minutes here.
@threefrenchs: about 10 minutes.
@threefrenchs: It does have a sweet quality to the aftertaste. Are you getting that?
@Lost_in_Beer: oh yeah. Lots of sweet dark fruit I think. Raisins up front, then cherry in the aftertaste.
@threefrenchs: Raisin, that’s it.
@threefrenchs: Maybe even a little fig
@Lost_in_Beer: *nod* Fig indeed!
@Lost_in_Beer: I gotta tell ya…this stuff is potent
@Lost_in_Beer: Someone on twitter earlier tonight said it was “dangerously drinkable”…I’m inclined to disagree
@threefrenchs: I think you need to be in the right setting to drink more than a few.
@threefrenchs: I can see sitting around a camp fire on a cool night, and I might find myself drinking a little more.
@Lost_in_Beer: To stay warm? :)
@threefrenchs: Toasty!
@Lost_in_Beer: I’d also point out that I’m not sure how they are calling this a stout. I’d MUCH sooner guess it is a barley wine
@threefrenchs: What is the ABV?
@Lost_in_Beer: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD – 18%
@threefrenchs: Well OK then….
@Lost_in_Beer: This is what I call a “nighty night” kinda beer
@Lost_in_Beer: I usually wake up on the couch after falling asleep watching TV and drinking something like this
@threefrenchs: in a puddle of drool :-)
@Lost_in_Beer: How’d you know?
@threefrenchs: Been there, done that!
@Lost_in_Beer: So summary thoughts on the beer?
@threefrenchs: I’m about an inch away from finishing, and I have to say the sweetness is starting to mellow
@threefrenchs: I’m glad I tried the beer, and will look forward to the next one that is sitting in the fridge.
@threefrenchs: This is ONE BIG BEER. Not a session beer and a think I could easily split a 12 oz bottle with a friend.
@threefrenchs: But I don”t think I would ever turn down a chance to drink it again.
@threefrenchs: How about you
@Lost_in_Beer: I’m a little confused
@Lost_in_Beer: #1: I love almost everything from Dogfish Head
@Lost_in_Beer: #2: I LOVE sweet beers
@Lost_in_Beer: #3: Barley wines and stouts are quickly becoming my favorite types of beer
@Lost_in_Beer: And despite all that, I’m just not that excited about this beer
@Lost_in_Beer: I honestly think it’s too big for me
@Lost_in_Beer: 18% – Should be drank out of a shot glass, not a pint glass! :)
@threefrenchs: I agree. Pour out a 12oz bottle among friends after a big dinner. Life would be good
@threefrenchs: And don’t think you will mow the lawn after drinking one of these….
@Lost_in_Beer: heh…
@Lost_in_Beer: not without hurting yourself
@threefrenchs: I’m out of beer!
@Lost_in_Beer: Good timing
@threefrenchs: And done for the night.
@threefrenchs: This was fun, hope to be able to do that again
@Lost_in_Beer: I hope so too! Thanks for joining me.
Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

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