My Guest Review on 100beers30days + A Giveaway

I am under the weather today. My “little” came over on Saturday as usual and had an awful cough. Spending 9 hours with him including two hours confined in a car with him resulted in me catching some variant of what he had. Getting the occasional cold from the kid comes with the territory. I never want to tell the kid we can’t hang out because he’s sick.

In any event, while I take a timeout from beer to get healthy, there are a couple of things I’d like to draw your attention to.

Great Divide Expresso Oak-Aged Imperial Yeti – My Guest Review
Laurie over at 100beers30days asked to swap guest reviews. Sometime later this week (or maybe next) you’ll see a guest review authored by Laurie posted here on LIBA. Today Laurie posted my review on her site. I reviewed the ridiculously excellent Great Divide oak-aged Yeti. I reviewed the standard Yeti (non aged) a few weeks back. It was a great beer. That said, the oak aged variant blew my mind. Many thanks to Laurie for hosting my review!

Raw Cacao Giveaway
My wife is holding a giveaway on her blog. The contest is easy to enter, and you stand to win some delicious chocolate nibs. Swing by her blog to enter.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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