Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Rogue Hazelnut Brown NectarThese beer brainstorms are really catching on. I love doing them. People love participating in them. People love reading them. I really feel like I’m on to something. Tonight Stevie joins me as we review Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar. Stevie has a blog of her own, and just recently started reviewing beer. Although she only has a couple of beer reviews under her belt, she already sounds like an expert! Many thanks for reviewing with me tonight!!!

@BasicallyRed: ready for this thing?
@Lost_in_beer: yup
@Lost_in_beer: Just took it out of the fridge, snapped some pictures
@Lost_in_beer: haven’t opened it
@BasicallyRed: mine’s super chilly, about to be opened
@Lost_in_beer: I’m 90% sure I probably should have taken it out 10 minutes ago
@Lost_in_beer: But we’ll see how the flavor changes as it warms I guess
@BasicallyRed: this one’s been sitting for about ten. I like darker brews pretty chilly, though
@BasicallyRed: Pouring…
@Lost_in_beer: Already poured here :)
@BasicallyRed: Wow, hold it up to the light! What a pretty red-amber
@Lost_in_beer: Borderline mahogany
@BasicallyRed: I was going to say cherry wood :)
@Lost_in_beer: Sure…even closer
@Lost_in_beer: Couple fingers of head
@BasicallyRed: Really? I have almost none
@BasicallyRed: Just opened, too – I hope I didn’t get a dud!
@Lost_in_beer: Freaky
@Lost_in_beer: Aroma is definitely nutty
@BasicallyRed: Yeah, the hazelnut is super strong
@Lost_in_beer: And I have a confession….I actually dislike hazelnut
@BasicallyRed: Really?! Then why go for the HAZELNUT Brown Nectar?
@Lost_in_beer: It sounded really unique
@Lost_in_beer: When you review 3-4 beers a week, you gotta have excitement
@BasicallyRed: I love me some Nutella, not gonna lie…
@BasicallyRed: but that’s the Italian in me coming out :)
@BasicallyRed: it’s true, switch it up a bit- go out of the ordinary
@BasicallyRed: I’m trying to determine what other smells are in there, but the nut is so strong
@Lost_in_beer: That’s what she said?
@BasicallyRed: HA
@BasicallyRed: Maybe some citrus?
@Lost_in_beer: maybe
@Lost_in_beer: I’m ready for a taste
@BasicallyRed: Going in for the kill
@Lost_in_beer: Innnnnterrresting
@BasicallyRed: Not quite what I expected
@Lost_in_beer: If you blind taste-tested me I would have guessed a light coffee porter
@BasicallyRed: It does have that slight creaminess to it
@Lost_in_beer: And it’s sweet, which I love
@BasicallyRed: It is sweet, but almost tastes a bit salty to me, too
@Lost_in_beer: Salty?
@BasicallyRed: Yeah, I think it’s the aftertaste that’s doing that for me
@Lost_in_beer: I’m racking my brain / tastebuds to figure out what flavors are making it sweet
@BasicallyRed: I am a big fan of hazelnut coffee, and this definitely does have the flavors
@BasicallyRed: There’s a bit of chocolate in there
@Lost_in_beer: yeah, maybe chocolate
@Lost_in_beer: vanilla? brown sugar?
@Lost_in_beer: Those come to mind, but not quite right
@BasicallyRed: I’m not getting any vanilla
@BasicallyRed: Hazelnut itself is a pretty sweet flavoring
@Lost_in_beer: You could be right…dunno how they get hazelnut flavor in there, but if it’s extract, it could be sweet
@Lost_in_beer: AHHH! Label – “Hazelnut extract”
@BasicallyRed: Right on, it’s extract.
@Lost_in_beer: And chocolate malts!
@Lost_in_beer: You nailed it
@BasicallyRed: HA I just did the same thing!
@BasicallyRed: Chocolate is such a common thread in darker brews, though, you think?
@Lost_in_beer: agreed
@Lost_in_beer: Noticing that this label gives a bunch of numbers that I don’t know what they mean, but doesn’t give the ABV?
@BasicallyRed: Yeah, I actually noticed that when I tried the Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir last night
@Lost_in_beer: To the Google!
@Lost_in_beer: 6.2% ABV
@Lost_in_beer: Sounds about right. I would have been surprised if it was higher
@BasicallyRed: Yeah, I’m not detecting the alcohol at all
@Lost_in_beer: Nah…nothing
@BasicallyRed: Smell or taste
@Lost_in_beer: The nuttiness totally overwhelms it
@BasicallyRed: There’s still carbonation in the beer itself
@Lost_in_beer: Oh yeah…plenty. More than average I’d say
@Lost_in_beer: Oh…and I’m seriously concerned about your lack of head
@Lost_in_beer: I’ve got awesome lacing
@BasicallyRed: Ungh, I’ve got nothing
@Lost_in_beer: Did you shake the bottle first?
@BasicallyRed: No, should I have?
@Lost_in_beer: Yes…vigorously shake every bottle of beer before you open it
@Lost_in_beer: I’m messing with you :)
@BasicallyRed: HA, could you imagine? What a waste of delicious beer!
@BasicallyRed: Although I bet I’d look hysterical
@Lost_in_beer: hehe
@BasicallyRed: Second pour and the head appeared!
@Lost_in_beer: *clap*
@BasicallyRed: About a fingers worth, maybe it was too cold at first
@BasicallyRed: Seriously, is there anything else in here besides Hazelnut?
@Lost_in_beer: Just the chocolate
@Lost_in_beer: Overall I’m really digging it
@Lost_in_beer: you?
@BasicallyRed: It’s quite good. Not my favorite, but I’d definitely get it again.
@Lost_in_beer: So summary thoughts…
@BasicallyRed: This is one of the more plain ales that I’ve had in awhile
@BasicallyRed: And I’m actually digging that fact- the simplicity of the single flavoring lets you focus on it, but it’s not overwhelming
@Lost_in_beer: For being super hazelnutty (and not being a fan of hazelnut) I’m pleasantly surprised
@Lost_in_beer: Looks really pretty, and it quite drinkable
@BasicallyRed: The chocolate helps cut it a little bit (mmm Nutella)
@BasicallyRed: Hey, maybe you can get a Nutella endorsement from this one!
@Lost_in_beer: It could get really old quick
@BasicallyRed: I’m on my second half of a glass and ready to move on to something else
@Lost_in_beer: Well I gotta get going. Thanks for doing this!
@BasicallyRed: Hey, thanks for having me! You are a gentleman and a scholar!
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

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