Wolaver’s Brown Ale

Wolaver's Brown AleTonight I’m doing my first ever re-review. Almost a year ago I reviewed Wolaver’s Brown Ale. The beer had (unbeknownst to me) gone bad. When one of the Wolaver family saw the site and comment that the taste I experienced was way off, I was a little sick to my stomach. I had plowed through the beer thinking I was being a trooper, when in reality I was drinking a beer that was beyond bad. For months I couldn’t find the beer again. A Christmas trip to Vermont (where Wolaver’s is brewed) yielded what I had been looking for. Now it’s been a number of months and I’m terribly worried I’ve gone and ruined the beer once again. Only one way to find out!

Wolaver's Brown Ale

The beer is a dark copper color. A vigorous pour resulted in very little head. The brew smells faintly of dark fruit with hints of something more sweet that I can’t put a finger on.

Taking a sip, I’m relieved. The beer has NOT gone bad! It’s a mild brown ale. Well balanced, which I expect from a brown ale. Virtually no bitterness. Sweet flavors are the most dominant, but I definitely wouldn’t call it a sweet beer. Having trouble placing the flavors I’m tasting. It’s not particularly nutty. The sweet is caramel and/or brown sugar.

Wolaver's Brown Ale

The beer is uber drinkable. I could drain a six-pack while chilling with friends, no problem. This 12oz bottle is gone in no time. Lastly, lest I forget, a big thumbs-up to the folks at Otter Creek/Wolavers for keeping this beer organic. Contrary to my crap-skewed first review, this is an excellent drinking beer.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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