Avery Samael Oak Aged Ale

Avery Samael Oak Ages AleTonight Laurie from 100beers30days joins me for a beer brainstorm. We both got a hold of bottles of Avery Samael. I actually had no idea that there were specific batches of the brew, and I most definitely had no idea I was sitting on a two year old bottle of the stuff!!!

Lost_in_Beer:I gotta go open this brew…hold on a sec
Lost_in_Beer:Holy crap…this beer is 15% ABV?
Lost_in_Beer:15.53% to be exact (according to the bottle)
100beers30days: Mine says 16.45% on the bottle!
Lost_in_Beer:I bet they are different batches!
100beers30days Mine says Batch 5 2009
Lost_in_Beer:I win! Batch 4. April 2008
Lost_in_Beer:This should make things VERY interesting
100beers30days: AHA! Well this WILL be interesting!
100beers30days: Jinx.
100beers30days: What type of glass are you using for this badboy?
Lost_in_Beer:A pint glass
100beers30days: I am using my Riedel Pinot glass which I love for tasting stouts, porters, and barrel aged beers. Really lets the aromatics out and the alcohol burn off a bit.
Lost_in_Beer:Speaking of aroma…what IS this smell?
100beers30days: Well, besides a good deal of heat, there is TONS of dark caramel on the nose
Lost_in_Beer:Yeah. Booze and dark fruit is what I was thinking
100beers30days: But also I am getting suprising notes of vibrant citrus, as if someone squeezed a lemon into the caramel. Some definite high floral notes too!
100beers30days: Boy you aren’t kidding! I feel like I’m sipping on a cognac…
Lost_in_Beer:No floral or citrus here. It’s all dark. Heavy-duty raisin flavor.

Avery Samael Oak Ages Ale

100beers30days: I hear you. Lets back up a sec. What is the color of yours?
Lost_in_Beer:Lighter than I expected – medium caramel color – has a red hue
100beers30days: Me too. Mine is an amber color with some red highlights.
100beers30days: If it was still (no carbonation), it could pass for a bourbon or cognac by eyeing it.
Lost_in_Beer:Much head?
100beers30days: No, next to zilcho head.
100beers30days: how cold is yours? Mine is warmed up a bit.
Lost_in_Beer:Pretty warm
100beers30days: Probably in the 60’s, about where I like to taste wine and heavier beers at
Lost_in_Beer:I let it warm up for at least 20 minutes before
100beers30days: Good deal. So we are both getting that alcohol heat!
Lost_in_Beer:The wording on the side of the bottle has me worried: “Samael is the prince of demons, the angel of death, accuser and destroyer”
100beers30days: Hahaha that does sound ominous….
100beers30days: I’m telling ya, my nose hairs are having a reaction to this nose. BUT I am getting some date and fig notes now…
Lost_in_Beer:You know what’s funny? This is oak aged, but I don’t get any oak.
Lost_in_Beer:Although I’ve never been good at picking up that aroma / flavor
100beers30days: I am definitely getting alot of oak, but then again this pinot glass has so much more surface area for swirling, so aromas just jump out…
Lost_in_Beer:I think I need to go sniff some trees. I think I just don’t know what I’m looking for in the smell
100beers30days: You getting any vanilla?
Lost_in_Beer:Some vanilla, yeah. Mostly in the flavor, not the nose

Avery Samael Oak Ages Ale

Lost_in_Beer:So you really can’t compare the two (style wise), but I recently had DFH World Wide Stout. 18% ABV. This Samael goes down about 100 times easier even though it’s almost as boozy.
100beers30days: What were your thoughts of the World Wide?
Lost_in_Beer:The 12oz bottle of WWS needs to be shared with a half dozen friends. Shot glasses, not beer or wine glasses.
Lost_in_Beer:It’s a super-sipper
100beers30days: Hahaha I concur. I had it when I met Sam @Stone for the Collaboration beer they are making. It was a monster for sure. I totally agree with you. It was like drinking port. Sip SLOWLY.
Lost_in_Beer:If you met Sam, then color me jealous.
100beers30days: Yeah, it was a fun night. It’s on the blog, check it out. So you think this is an easier sipper? Are you not overwhelmed by the alcohol?
Lost_in_Beer:Hell no! I’m almost done the bottle
100beers30days: Good Lord mate. You are a champion!
Lost_in_Beer:It’s funny…even 6 months ago I would have made a yuk-face at this brew
Lost_in_Beer:I never liked dark fruit but the more I get into craft beer the more it grows on me

100beers30days: I am thinking this 2009 need some serious aging. It’s just too raw and hot to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I think it has INCREDIBLE potential, just not yet.
Lost_in_Beer:With I had both in front of me
Lost_in_Beer:to see what you are tasting
100beers30days: I wish we could taste them side by side too! I am DEFINITELY going to buy another one and age it a couple of years…
Lost_in_Beer:What’s your two sentence summary of the brew?
100beers30days: Wonderful potential with comforting aromas hiding just behind the alcohol. Needs to age.
100beers30days: You?
Lost_in_Beer:Booze Darkfruit Booze Darkfruit. Sweet! Me Likey.
100beers30days: I love it! So I am to potentially expect a more rounded, smoother nose and palate with dark fruit after a year?
Lost_in_Beer:It would appear
100beers30days: Well yeah then!!
Lost_in_Beer:Many thanks for joining me tonight
Lost_in_Beer:Great fun!
100beers30days: We definitely have to do this again. Lots of fun!

Avery Samael Oak Ages Ale

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