Boston Beer Works Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale

We just got back from dinner out with our friends Erica and Matt (of Beer Cookie fame). Had some delicious Chinese. Despite being afeared of beer in a green bottle I went ahead and ordered a Tsing Tao lager. It’s essentially Chinese Bud Light.

Tsing Tao

The restaurant had very little for craft beer selection. They didn’t offer us dessert either…so I’m guessing they don’t have any. No worries! Chocolate-covered beer cookies (a gift) will do the trick! These suckers are pretty tasty. The chocolate cancels out a lot of the licorice flavor, leaving an interesting mix of mostly sweet, but partially savory too. But this isn’t a review of beer cookies tonight…so let’s move on the brew!

No, I’m not reviewing Tsing Tao. :) Last night I reviewed Boston Beer Work’s Pale Ale offering. Tonight I’m trying out the other Boston Beer Works brew I had on deck: The Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale. I’m pretty picky about my Blueberry brews. To this day, I think Sea Dog remains my absolute favorite. If you’re gonna offer me a blueberry beer it better be sweet, with maybe just a little bitterness.

The Bunker Hill (named after Bunker Hill in Boston) is a little light on the blueberry flavor. It’s sweet. It’s incredibly light (in color and in body). The ABV is 4%…that pretty much says a lot. Zilcho for head. Watery mouthfeel. Sorry Beer Works, this isn’t my cup of tea. If I wanted a light beer with blueberry, I’d buy a pint of fruit and a sixer of Coors.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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