Boston Beer Works Fenway Pale Ale

Boston Beer Works Pale AleMonday night. I took a half day at work today. Yesterday I had a semi-back-spasm for the first time in 3 years. I was still in rough shape today, thus the time off from work. Right now I’ve got the Bruins on TV…in the middle of an awesome playoff series with Buffalo. I’m hoping they win tonight so I can mock regular blog reader (and Sabres fan) Brandon. On a final note, I bought the dog a new toy today. He loves it, and fell asleep hugging it.

Brady and his Toy

I’ve had a couple of bottles of Boston Beer Works beer queued-up for quite some time. I figured it was time to break it out. I remember being excited when I saw it in the store. As I recall, Boston Beer Works only recently started bottling their beers.

Boston Beer Works Pale Ale

The Pale ale is typical (for pale ale) in appearance. The smell is clearly citrusy. As far as aroma, I could easily mistake this for an IPA. The taste isn’t as confusing. The lack of any real bitterness pretty much separates it from being confused with the “indian” variety of pale ale. The citrus flavor is strong. Mild malty sweetness is in there, but generally speaking the beer is well balanced and neither sweet nor bitter is dominant. It finishes ever-so-slightly piney, which I almost missed.

At the end of the day it’s a good beer for drinking while watching the game. Go Bs!

Boston Beer Works Pale Ale

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