Great Divide Titan IPA & Great Divide Denver Pale Ale

No elongated intro to Silvio Saturday this week. I’m outside working on the car and need to get back to it (repainting chipped calipers for anyone who cares). This week takes a gander at two brews from Great Divide. One of them, I have previously tried and reviewed. It’s all yours Silvio…

Go West, Young Man

Even though it’s now Spring, I’ve decided to get off of my fruity beer kick and get back to what I like best – pale ales. On my last trip to the beer store I noticed a few beers from Great Divide Beer Company on the shelf. I haven’t ever seen it before but the labels caught my eye l and decided to check out their Denver Pale Ale and Titan India Pale Ale.
First up is the Denver Pale Ale. I was intrigued by the name, what could a Denver Pale Ale mean? Turns out it means a nice middle ground between a typical IPA and wheat ale. The pour was interesting with very little foam but a lot of carbonation and a deep amber color. I took a big first sip and was pleasantly surprised by a hoppy taste without the bitterness of an IPA. It was sweet, almost like a malt ale, but with a fruity sweetness. I couldn’t really place the specific fruit but if I had to call it, I’d say some kind of citrus. Overall, I’d consider this a light IPA, if one existed. It’s not remarkable but it’s pretty decent, and the 5.4% ABV means it won’t hit you over the head.

Great Divide Titan IPA

Next up, the Titan India Pale Ale. IPAs are definitely my favorite and this one did not let me down. The pour was pretty good, with two fingers of foam that evaporated pretty quickly into a clear golden color. The aroma wasn’t very noticeable, kind of hoppy but unremarkable. However, my first taste was big and bold – this brew is undeniably hoppy. It’s sweet, with piney notes and a citrus finish. The aftertaste was just as interesting with hints of malt that blend into the traditional bitterness of an IPA. I’d definitely recommend this IPA because of that complex relationship between bitter IPA and sweet malt flavor. Plus, the 7.1% ABV left me feeling good.

I checked out Great Divide’s Web site, and they’ve got tons of different beers listed. While these were the only two my local store carries, I’d definitely check out other varieties on subsequent visits. I’m also planning a trip out to Denver in July/August and will try to do a field review.

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