Harpoon Leviathan Big Bohemian Pilsner

Harpoon Leviathan Big Bohemian PilsnerTonight has been a lazy one thus far. Except for doing a couple hundred crunches, I’ve pretty much just sat on my ass. It’s Monday, so the wife is at yoga. The Bruins are on the telle. Earlier tonight I was watching a taping of Beer Tap TV (Beer Buzz Episode 75) via UStream. Not only are these guys hilarious, they are 110% anti-beer-douche. LOVE IT.

Harpoon Leviathan Big Bohemian Pilsner

Tonight I’m back to the beer reviews. Yesterday I couldn’t even think of drinking after the bash on Saturday. I figured a 9% ABV pilsner would be a good place to jump right back in. This is one pretty beer. It has a head like I’ve never seen on a pilsner. It pretty much hasn’t budged since i poured it ten minutes ago. It’s not going away. Super frothy with a ton of lacing. As you can see from the picture, the color is seriously light.

The flavor isn’t at all what I would expect from this type of beer. Quite complex actually. The first thing that I thought was citrus, but I’m also picking up some pine in there too. Kind of a weird mix, but it’s working for me. It’s full flavored, but I really can’t decide whether its mostly sweet or mostly bitter. Definitely somewhere in between.

At the end of the day, I don’t think I’d drink more than a couple. Still a decent beer.
Harpoon Leviathan Big Bohemian Pilsner

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Author: Joshua Dion

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4 thoughts on “Harpoon Leviathan Big Bohemian Pilsner”

  1. Just curious what you were expecting from this beer. It's one of my favorites from the Leviathan series. I'm going to guess you haven't had many craft pilsners, but you should give them a try. They really are far more complex than what the vast majority think when they hear "pilsner" (which is Miller Lite or equivalent).

    Pilsners tend to be refreshing and hoppy, but not the same type of hops profile you would get in an IPA. They tend to be a bit grassy and spicy if that makes sense. You should try Victory's Prima Pils. It's an excellent example of the style, and perfect for the coming warmer months.

  2. Is the IBU stated anywhere? One thing I am getting really cheesed off with when buying "pilsners" over here is that they are rarely hoppy enough.

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