Samuel Adams Imperial Double Bock & Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

Tonight my Twitter-beer-bud Dosbeerigos joined me for a double beer brainstorm of Samuel Adams Imperial brews. I only recently started following him on twitter and reading his beer reviews on his blog, but I gotta tell you, the style and attitude is right down my alley. “Never too serious” is a part of his motto…a true non-beer-douche at heart!

Mercinary: Ready to rock?
Dosbeerigos: Have u had these before?
Mercinary: Nope! You?
Dosbeerigos: I have had these before….pretty good, but honestly I didn’t like either at all the 1st time around, a year ago
Dosbeerigos: Well keep in mind my bottles are a year old
Mercinary: Good to keep in mind…should see some differences
Mercinary: I have to assume mine are from this year
Dosbeerigos: that said im getting an insane amount of sweetness, but still a bit of alcohol in the nose
Mercinary: Definitely boozy on the nose. I noticed it more when the brew was colder
Dosbeerigos: It is a beautiful clear Mcintosh Apple Red
Dosbeerigos: Deep and dark
Mercinary: Really no head on my pour. Syrupy
Dosbeerigos: See I get some solid off-tanish colored head and off the swirl it foams up well
Dosbeerigos: smells almost like a drunk cherry….
Mercinary: Yeah…dark fruit all over the place with this one
Mercinary: All up in the flavor too
Dosbeerigos: Hmm, well considering that I did not like this beer at all a year ago….it’s surprisingly drinkable

Mercinary: The last beer brainstorm I did was Avery Samael…incredibly dark fruits, so it’s fresh on my mind. Comparably, it was an assault on the senses. Versus this beer, which is pleasant without being oppressive.
Dosbeerigos: Well keep in min that this lager is probally a bit lighter in body….I would assume atleast though
Mercinary: oh yeah…definitely. And completely different beers. Not technically fair for me to compare…but it was fresh on my mind
Dosbeerigos: man, this taste like that drunk cherry decided to go crazy with maple syrup….
Mercinary: I hear ya on the cherry. And the bottle says they use a half pound of malt (per bottle) so there’s the sweetness
Dosbeerigos: hows your mouth feel?
Dosbeerigos: my carbination is very weak….on the tongue atleast
Mercinary: Smoooooth. Almost No carb.
Mercinary: I’m telling ya…this beer looks like flat soda right now
Dosbeerigos: See I have sticky lacey going right now….and a very small amount of head

Mercinary: So do you remember what you didn’t like about the beer the first time you tried it?
Dosbeerigos: I honestly hated everything about this beer
Mercinary: EVERYTHING?
Dosbeerigos: Yah I’m a Hop Head and there is just a massive attack of malt in this beer
Mercinary: Ahhhh OK. You and I are opposites. I’m a sweet beer junky
Dosbeerigos: Although I will say in the past year I have come to appreciate malt and a strong malt backing
Dosbeerigos: The alcohol has mellowed out in the beer, malt seems to have cooled down a bit…allowing for more of the fruit to stick out
Dosbeerigos: I am honestlyu surprised that this beer cellared as well as it did
Dosbeerigos: So what do u think about this 9.5% Lager?….9.5% really?!?! Honestly the ABV is sick!
Mercinary: At the end of the day, it’s really solid. I wouldn’t drink more than one in a sitting, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how good it is.
Dosbeerigos: yah definatly not a session beer at all
Mercinary: Your summary thoughts?
Dosbeerigos: hmmmm……well I would say The Sam Adam’s Imperial Double Bock isnt a beer for your little sister, or your grandma. Although your butch Uncle might like it. The Alcohol burn in this bad boy will put some hair on your chest, but the malt and sweet fruit will draw you back for more. Watch out though at 9.5% it will knock you down as quickly as it picks you up. Solid beer, aged very well!!!! I’d say 4/5

Mercinary: You summed it up pretty well! I’m ready for the Imperial Stout…
Mercinary: You game?
Dosbeerigos: ohh yah!
Mercinary: The pour on the Stout is redonculous. I love me a great stout pour
Dosbeerigos: Ok, just poured….and I think that Irish guy came behind me and hit me with his “dipstick”
Mercinary: LOL what?
Dosbeerigos: This beer is sexy……it looks like motor oil
Mercinary: Beer porn!
Dosbeerigos: you know it
Mercinary: If your bottle is like mine, you’re gonna get a lot of lacing too
Dosbeerigos: I have almost a purple head on it
Dosbeerigos: wow…nose is interesting
Mercinary: I’m getting little nose actually.
Mercinary: I think my sniffer is broken tonight
Dosbeerigos: See Im getting a hint of coffee masked with something else
Mercinary: Chocolate?
Dosbeerigos: almost like a mokah
Dosbeerigos: still have a hint of alcohol burn in this too
Mercinary: I once read that you only get 4 good smells of a beer…after that your nose has become accustomed
Mercinary: So I always remember that and save my 4 sniffs (and make them all HUGE)
Dosbeerigos: I usually get 4 good smells too, they are followed by gulps….
Dosbeerigos: lol
Mercinary: *sip* *cough* Woah
Dosbeerigos: no coughing here – this is AWESOME
Mercinary: Not what I was expecting
Mercinary: Smokey!
Dosbeerigos: I got some cinnamon, smoke, and coffee
Dosbeerigos: nice coffee finish
Mercinary: This stout is pretty well balanced
Dosbeerigos: I’m getting a bit of dark fruit on the palatte as well
Dosbeerigos: you getting any of that?
Mercinary: Up front, yes. Then smoke. Then finishing with coffee.
Mercinary: And just a hint of bitterness
Dosbeerigos: I love how the head just hangs out all around the glass…its sooo nice!
Dosbeerigos: def get the fruit up front, smoke, and coffee but I dont see any of the bitterness
Dosbeerigos: once again maybe thats the difference in a year
Mercinary: A year of cellaring could have perfectly mellowed it
Dosbeerigos: I love the fact that this beer is 9.2% as well
Mercinary: Yeah…gonna sleep well tonight, aren’t we? :)
Dosbeerigos: Unlike the Double Bock you dont get that alcohol on the tongue
Mercinary: oh no…not at all. It’s completely hidden
Mercinary: The Bock was syrupy, sweet, and boozy
Mercinary: The Stout is complex, yet easy drinking
Dosbeerigos: agreed
Dosbeerigos: so your thoughts on this one?
Mercinary: A good stout. Not phenomenal, but damn solid. Unique with the combo of fruit/smoke/coffee. Truely complex.
Dosbeerigos: Yah honestly I’m happy that I hated this beer so much that I cellared two of these bad boys. Over a year the beer and my palette have both matured very well. This was a EXTREMLY balanced stout. Not the best stout that I have ever had, but not bad. Once again very surprised at how well this beer cellared. These beers were the start to my cellaring and I think they worked out well! That said…. 4.5/5
Mercinary: Thanks so much for doing the brainstorm with me.
Mercinary: I freakin love doing these
Dosbeerigos: Hey man! Thank you!
Dosbeerigos: anytime you wanna do another one let me know
Mercinary: You got it…

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Author: Joshua Dion

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