Samuel Adams Imperial White

Samuel Adams Imperial WhiteTonight I finished off my accounting course. What a long 15 weeks. Things slowly went downhill as the semester went on…partially because the subject matter was getting more complicated, but also because I cared less and less about retaining such a vast amount of non-critical information. The last exam was truly craptastic. I’d rather not think about what I’m going to get on it. In other shit-box news, my dog is having dizzy spells. He had one today while running down our stairs, and he ended up tumbling down the last 6-8 stairs scaring the living crap out of me. I thought for sure he wasn’t going to be able to get up. I’m making a vet appointment tomorrow and hoping that it’s just an inner-ear infection. We’re sleeping on the couch tonight with him and blocking off the stairs.
Samuel Adams Imperial White

I’m trying to de-stress with a bottle of Sammy’s Imperial White. I’ve really been working hard to get the most of my new camera. I’m hoping the improved pictures are noticeably better. Tonight’s pictures I am particularly happy with. The picture of the beer in the glass almost perfectly depicts the true color of the brew. Strangely enough, the color significantly changes with the level of lighting. Straight-on it appears a hazy golden color. At a different angle it has a distinct burnt orange color.

This 10.3% ABV brew smells of bread, coriander, and booze. The taste adds in some citrus. The alcohol is very well masked by the sweetness in the brew. Even after warming up a bit, the liquor flavor is minimal.

The beer reminds me of another excellent crafty white, however which one is escaping me.
Samuel Adams Imperial White

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Author: Joshua Dion

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