Samuel Adams Mile High Barley Wine

Samuel Adams Mile High Barley WineTonight I’m drinking homebrew…well, sort of. :) Samuel Adamss Mile High Barley Wine is from Samuel Adams’ Longshot series. The brewing company held a contest and out of 1300 home-brewers who submitted their recipes, two recipes were chosen. This Mile High is a creation that New Mexico resident Ben Miller dreamed up.

At 9.8% ABV this should bring an interesting twist to my evening. We’re hanging out watching Angels and Demons. It’s just starting and I’m already getting lost. That happens a lot when I blog and watch TV at the same time.

The beer is a medium red color. Almost cherry-wood colored. It pours with about a finger of head. Note that I’m finally “appropriately” getting to use my Samuel Adams glass. Also note that I think that it’s bull-plop to think that this glass makes every single Sammy A’s brew taste better. It’s supposed to make the aroma stronger – so either the glass is failing, or this brew just doesn’t have a lot of aroma.

I’m taken back by the initial flavor. This is a strong flavored beer. I get a brief shot of sweetness, followed by a brief shot of pine, followed by flavor I’m still discerning. I’m going to let this puppy warm up a bit.

*Jeopardy Theme*

10 minutes later I’m digging the beer more than I was at first. It definitely mellows out for you as it warms. The beer is absolutely, positively, full flavored though. The bitter pine is still there, although heavily masked by the fruity sweetness. Not dark fruit mind you. Caramel or maybe brown sugar.

You know me, I’m a sweet-tooth when it comes to beer, so the Mile High is right up my alley. I recommend you give it a go.

Samuel Adams Mile High Barley Wine

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Author: Joshua Dion

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5 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Mile High Barley Wine”

  1. Sounds like one I'll have to try. As for the Sam Adam's glasses, I like the angle of the lip. When the glass is tilted for consumption, I find the more angled lip causes the beer to flow more smoothly as the angle of attack is more level. I dunno, just a detail I noticed. As for improving actual taste, not so sure (but I do think it works for smell, maybe it's all in my head).

  2. I can't wait for the Longshot pack to hit RI. I'm really looking forward to the barleywine and the old ale. I don't remember what the other one was.

    As for the Sam Adams glass… it was designed with only a single beer in mind… Sam Adams Boston Lager. While people use it for many other beers, it's was designed for that one specific beer. I'll keep saying this until my head falls off… a barleywine should go in a snifter. It's really the only other glass you need in your arsenal besides a regular pint glass. Snifters are very versatile and works great for pretty much all the higher alcohol styles or Belgians.

  3. Jim:

    Just for you…the next time I drink a barley wine, I'm going to find the most narrow-necked glass I can find. :)


  4. Hey, the Sam Adams glass is a much better choice for it than a regular pint glass, but you need a snifter. You can get one for like $5!

  5. I love the Sam Adams 25th glass, but I don't want to use it in review pics for non SA beers. Oh the dilemma.

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