Wolaver’s Alta Gracia Coffee Porter

Wolaver’s Alta Gracia Coffee PorterToday I was hoping to wash the car, but it’s friggin 46 degrees out with a 30 MPH wind. Maybe tomorrow. After spending an hour driving around town for car-washing supplies, I still didn’t find what I needed, so I’m in a pissy mood. What a great into to this week’s Silvio Saturday, eh? 🙂 /RANT OFF Once again, thanks goes to Silvio for another great guest review.

I’ve exhausted my stash of review beers over the past few weeks with one exception, Wolaver’s Coffee Porter. I’m really into environmental sustainability, so the certified organic label caught my eye. I’m not the biggest fan of porters, but the label touts coffee and vanilla, so
I’m excited to give this one a try.

The pour resulted in hardly any foam, but the slight creamy-hued crown stuck around for a few minutes and contrasted really nicely with the incredibly dark porter color. This is a very dark beer – we’re talking Guinness dark – so dark that when I held it up to light nothing shone through. The aroma is quite strong with an incredibly distinct coffee smell. So far, this beer lives up to its billing.

My first sip did not disappoint. This beer has a heavy coffee flavor, matching the aroma. It’s very strong but very smooth. The aftertaste develops slowly and transitions into a rich chocolate flavor. I was surprised to taste lots of carbonation, which snuck up on me because of the dark color. Interestingly, the flavors and aroma get stronger the longer the beer sits out. Both the coffee aroma and flavor get heavier with every taste. The only letdown for this beer is that the vanilla beans don’t show up as advertised.

Overall, this is a pretty good coffee porter. The Wolaver’s Web site lists this as their
winter seasonal ale, but does not provide the ABV or any other information. Compared to other porters I’ve reviewed for LIBA, I’d say that the coffee flavor is stronger than Kona’s Pipeline Porter, but the vanilla flavor is way less than Breckinridge’s Remarkable Vanilla Porter.

In addition to tasting good, there’s a lot to feel good about from drinking this beer. The label says it is brewed with organic roasted barley and chocolate malts, with an infusion of organic vanilla and coffee fair trade beans from the non-profit Alta Gracia community farm in the Dominican Republic where local farmers are taught to farm their own land and sustainably maintain their farmlands.

I’d definitely pick this beer up again, but it’s a bit too rich to have more than a few at any one sitting.

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Author: Silvio

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