Affligem Blond

The wife was going to get home late tonight. Two hours of bachelordom. What to do? What to do? I know…break out the drum kit, blast the music, and drum to some Rock Band.

I know I’ve talked about Rock Band and my drumming before, but I can’t recall if I’ve ever posted pictures of my RB drum kit. And yes, it is friggin awesome. The drums are an ION kit. The pedal is a Rock Pedal. Tonight’s set was all over the board – Bon Jovi, Hinder, Guns and Roses, Rise Against, Kenny Rogers, and Vesuvius (the fake band from the flick The Rocker).

All while rocking I was sucking down this Affligem Blond. I have a few of these in my fridge thanks to a friend who left them after last week’s poker game. I drank a couple last night, and man do they hit the spot.

We’ve been having some unusually warm weather for May (mid 90s), and the blond is just perfect. It pours an orangish-golden color.

Check out the awesome head; the stuff is television-commercial-worthy.

The aroma is of cloves and spices. Excellent smell, but dwarfed by the flavor.

The brew is light, yet full flavored. Bitter orange peel and coriander dominate. I really can’t get enough of the combination of flavors! As you can tell, this one gets very high marks from me. Go buy some.

I’m now off to finish grilling dinner – yellow and green squash and red peppers. Yum!

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

9 thoughts on “Affligem Blond”

  1. I love Affligem Blond! I like that its one of those good beers that you can find at most beer stores since it's the same brewery as stella etc.

  2. Oh yeah. Good stuff. Glad you liked it. I love Belgian beers and this one represents! I also like Leffe Blonde as well.

    PS – that RB drum kit is insane!

  3. LOL!

    Nice set. I almost wonder if you should just get a real on and learn how to play? I used to play drums when I was in High School. I sold them to buy a car…worst mistake of my life. Oh well.

    Love the review, really wish I could get my hands on some of the stuff you review. You make it look so tasty!

    Speaking of tasty. That squash looks nummy. I have yet to get squash to turn out on the grill. Any advice? How do you prepare that stuff?

    Mike's Brew Review

  4. Mike:

    The squash is pretty easy. Pre-heat to like 600 (max) and then drop the temp to medium (300-400ish). Prepare the squash by slicing them as thin as you can manage. Flop them around in some olive oil and add salt and pepper. Gill time depends on how thin they are sliced. Check them after 3-4 minutes and flip them. You might end up flipping a few times. They can burn quick, so you don't want to let them go too long.

    A quick tip to keeping them from stick to the grill is to be liberal with the olive oil.


  5. I have been meaning to try this Affligem Blond for a while. Glad to hear you liked it.

    I find that blond ales can be pretty hit or miss for some reason, do you agree? Sometimes they get too rich and round with the mouth feel, if that makes sense. It overpowers the more subtle flavors.

    Other times I get one that's very well balanced; that's the style of blond that makes for a nice session beer that still brings some depth you kn ow?

  6. Royce:

    To be honest, I've come to feel that most any beer style can be hit or miss for me. It depends a lot on how I'm feeling, or if I'm eating food with the beer. A beer I didn't like on one day, I might like another day. It's too bad I can't review all these beers 2 or three times! :)


  7. What console do you play on? Myself (@beercommdood), @AngelosTzelepis, and @darknova306 are all avid Rock Band players on Xbox… @darknova306 also has an ION.

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