Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel Rosee Hibiscus

Tonight Hannah from joined me as we brainstormed over a bottle of Rosee Hibiscus – An ale brewed with spices and hibiscus flowers. A very interesting sounding brew indeed! Many thanks to Hannah, as she was a great co-reviewer!

@htcdesign: good evening
Mercinary: yo yo yo
Mercinary: What’s shakin?
@htcdesign: looking forward to popping my first ever hibiscus beer, you?
Mercinary: Just chillin. Watching a live feed of the Portsmouth, NH bomb scare deal that’s been going on all day
Mercinary: And running to the fridge now to grab the beer. :)
@htcdesign: I didn’t hear about that – I LOVE Portsmouth :( lived in portland, ME for a few years
Mercinary: Guy on a bus since 11:30am
Mercinary: might have a bomb
@htcdesign: damn – I need to pay more attention to the news.

Mercinary: This beer has a funky color, eh?
@htcdesign: ha it sure does –
@htcdesign: cloudy pinky brown
Mercinary: Pinkish reddish hue
@htcdesign: the head quickly dissipated too
Mercinary: oh yeah. Fizzled like a soda.
@htcdesign: very cloudy
@htcdesign: can’t see through it at all
@htcdesign: smells a bit like pink grapefruit and berries to me
@htcdesign: raspberry i think is the berry i smell
Mercinary: Smell is pretty unique too
Mercinary: I get the berries…no grapefruit for me
@htcdesign: it’s really bizarre
Mercinary: Generally sweet smelling though
@htcdesign: yes, a bit floral
Mercinary: It is brewed with a flower!
@htcdesign: indeed it is
Mercinary: So far so good…I love a unique beer
@htcdesign: so do I – I don’t like them heavily spiced – some of the xmas beers drive me crazy
Mercinary: I’m nervous to try it
@htcdesign: haha
@htcdesign: me too – i don’t want it over spiced
Mercinary: Let’s go for it
@htcdesign: ok!

Mercinary: ……….speechless
@htcdesign: raspberry, light fizzy carbonation here, you?
Mercinary: uber watery and uber carbonated
@htcdesign: tastes are super subtle, almost like really watered down juice
@htcdesign: with fizz
Mercinary: I was going to say a flavored seltzer
@htcdesign: nice – well put
@htcdesign: this is probably my definition of a lawnmower beer
Mercinary: I don’t exactly know what hibiscus tastes like (don’t spend a lot of time licking flowers), but whatever the flavor is, it’s weak
@htcdesign: hahaha
@htcdesign: I’ve tasted the hibiscus in jars and in cocktails
@htcdesign: and it is very light; a lot like raspberry but very subdued
@htcdesign: wow – I mean, this is really more like lightly flavored seltzer than anything, like you said.
Mercinary: This is why I was nervous to try it
Mercinary: Beer looks and smells unique, but at the end of the day it’s a dog & pony show
Mercinary: and the taste is a huge let down
@htcdesign: I’m glad I got to try it with you though – right – you’re so right
@htcdesign: i can’t believe how little there is going on here
Mercinary: I mean…just from the color you would expect that there would be some serious flavor going on
@htcdesign: right
@htcdesign: and the cloudiness
Mercinary: yup
@htcdesign: I was thinking maybe some sneaky rad yeast action
@htcdesign: not the case :/
@htcdesign: I won’t buy this again, but if someone offered it to me after I spent 18 hours in the desert, I’d thank them graciously

Mercinary: So let’s summarize
@htcdesign: light, fizzy body with sweet raspberry and pink grapefruit (for me) aroma
@htcdesign: aaand floral, of course
@htcdesign: but sadly nothing happening in the palate
@htcdesign: just hints of that raspberry and you know? I hardly even taste “beer” as it were!
Mercinary: You summed it up well. Unique idea this brewery had…poorly executed when it comes to the taste
@htcdesign: make sure your wife gets a sip too!
Mercinary: Oh yeah, need to have her try
Mercinary: ROFL
Mercinary: She always makes the worst yuk face when she tries my beer
@htcdesign: hahahahaha
Mercinary: Thanks for doing the brainstorm with me
Mercinary: tons of fun
Mercinary: If you ever want to do another one, just let me know
htcdesign: for sure!
Mercinary: Have a good night Hannah
htcdesign: You too, Josh.

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

3 thoughts on “Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel Rosee Hibiscus”

  1. It was a pleasure to do a beer brainstorm with you – I look forward to our next… and hopefully the beer we taste will have a ton more flavor. Cheers!

  2. I found this beer to be way too flavorful, but I don't like overly flowerly flavors. I wasn't a fan, but my wife liked it. The problem with Du Ciel beers is age. They don't date the bottles. If it was older, the flavors could have faded.

    As for the berry flavor, I think it's brewed with rosehip (I think that's where the name comes from, but I don't have a bottle in front of me), which can have a sweet berry flavor.

    Du Ciel does make some excellent beers though.

  3. RunawayJim – maybe you're right; maybe the beer was just wicked old (both Lost's and my bottles) … sadly though, I probably won't give it another shot unless I find myself at the brewery.

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