Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel Rosee Hibiscus

Tonight Hannah from joined me as we brainstormed over a bottle of Rosee Hibiscus – An ale brewed with spices and hibiscus flowers. A very interesting sounding brew indeed! Many thanks to Hannah, as she was a great co-reviewer!

@htcdesign: good evening
Mercinary: yo yo yo
Mercinary: What’s shakin?
@htcdesign: looking forward to popping my first ever hibiscus beer, you?
Mercinary: Just chillin. Watching a live feed of the Portsmouth, NH bomb scare deal that’s been going on all day
Mercinary: And running to the fridge now to grab the beer. :)
@htcdesign: I didn’t hear about that – I LOVE Portsmouth :( lived in portland, ME for a few years
Mercinary: Guy on a bus since 11:30am
Mercinary: might have a bomb
@htcdesign: damn – I need to pay more attention to the news.

Mercinary: This beer has a funky color, eh?
@htcdesign: ha it sure does –
@htcdesign: cloudy pinky brown
Mercinary: Pinkish reddish hue
@htcdesign: the head quickly dissipated too
Mercinary: oh yeah. Fizzled like a soda.
@htcdesign: very cloudy
@htcdesign: can’t see through it at all
@htcdesign: smells a bit like pink grapefruit and berries to me
@htcdesign: raspberry i think is the berry i smell
Mercinary: Smell is pretty unique too
Mercinary: I get the berries…no grapefruit for me
@htcdesign: it’s really bizarre
Mercinary: Generally sweet smelling though
@htcdesign: yes, a bit floral
Mercinary: It is brewed with a flower!
@htcdesign: indeed it is
Mercinary: So far so good…I love a unique beer
@htcdesign: so do I – I don’t like them heavily spiced – some of the xmas beers drive me crazy
Mercinary: I’m nervous to try it
@htcdesign: haha
@htcdesign: me too – i don’t want it over spiced
Mercinary: Let’s go for it
@htcdesign: ok!

Mercinary: ……….speechless
@htcdesign: raspberry, light fizzy carbonation here, you?
Mercinary: uber watery and uber carbonated
@htcdesign: tastes are super subtle, almost like really watered down juice
@htcdesign: with fizz
Mercinary: I was going to say a flavored seltzer
@htcdesign: nice – well put
@htcdesign: this is probably my definition of a lawnmower beer
Mercinary: I don’t exactly know what hibiscus tastes like (don’t spend a lot of time licking flowers), but whatever the flavor is, it’s weak
@htcdesign: hahaha
@htcdesign: I’ve tasted the hibiscus in jars and in cocktails
@htcdesign: and it is very light; a lot like raspberry but very subdued
@htcdesign: wow – I mean, this is really more like lightly flavored seltzer than anything, like you said.
Mercinary: This is why I was nervous to try it
Mercinary: Beer looks and smells unique, but at the end of the day it’s a dog & pony show
Mercinary: and the taste is a huge let down
@htcdesign: I’m glad I got to try it with you though – right – you’re so right
@htcdesign: i can’t believe how little there is going on here
Mercinary: I mean…just from the color you would expect that there would be some serious flavor going on
@htcdesign: right
@htcdesign: and the cloudiness
Mercinary: yup
@htcdesign: I was thinking maybe some sneaky rad yeast action
@htcdesign: not the case :/
@htcdesign: I won’t buy this again, but if someone offered it to me after I spent 18 hours in the desert, I’d thank them graciously

Mercinary: So let’s summarize
@htcdesign: light, fizzy body with sweet raspberry and pink grapefruit (for me) aroma
@htcdesign: aaand floral, of course
@htcdesign: but sadly nothing happening in the palate
@htcdesign: just hints of that raspberry and you know? I hardly even taste “beer” as it were!
Mercinary: You summed it up well. Unique idea this brewery had…poorly executed when it comes to the taste
@htcdesign: make sure your wife gets a sip too!
Mercinary: Oh yeah, need to have her try
Mercinary: ROFL
Mercinary: She always makes the worst yuk face when she tries my beer
@htcdesign: hahahahaha
Mercinary: Thanks for doing the brainstorm with me
Mercinary: tons of fun
Mercinary: If you ever want to do another one, just let me know
htcdesign: for sure!
Mercinary: Have a good night Hannah
htcdesign: You too, Josh.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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