Celis White

Sun, sun, sun. All week long. Weekend – rain. Awesome. Gotta run some errands today, and then a Ocho de Mayo party tonight. Mother’s day with the in-laws tomorrow. That’s my weekend in a nutshell. On to today’s Silvio Saturday review, Silvio reviews Celis White, which I’ve never had nor heard of. Sounds like a very interesting beer. Complex yet very drinkable. I hope to find some soon. With respect to Sivio backing down on the Allagash review, I’ve challenged him to not shy away from beers I’ve already reviewed, and in fact, challenge my thoughts on a beer! Silvio…take it away.

I had originally planned to review two white beers last Saturday in conjunction with Josh’s Kiuchi Hitachino Nest review, but some post-work celebratory beers with friends postponed those plans to this week. I love white beers almost as much as I love IPAs – spicy, refreshing, and fruity, they’re the perfect beer for when the weather gets warm.

I had two whites queued up for this review, Celis and Allagash, but once again Josh’s prolific reviewing record has thrown me a curveball – he reviewed the Allagash last November. Major bummer, so I decided to stick with just the Celis.

The pour was quite nice – a pale cloudy golden hue, with a fantastic blended smell of many different scents. I picked up cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. The smell was quite complex, and it was hard to pinpoint exactly what I smelled, but I knew I was going to enjoy this brew. The beer did not have much of a foam head, and what little head was there evaporated quite quickly. Interestingly, I noticed a lot of carbonation at first, but it only lasted a few moments.

My first taste was a bit bitter, much more than I expected. Like the smell, this beer has a very complex and spicy taste with no one distinct flavor. Up front, I got a lot of cloves and nutmeg which blended into a citrus middle taste and then a much mellower aftertaste with hints of vanilla. I took a few more sips and the upfront taste got even more complicated, tasting even spicier. I looked the beer up and apparently coriander is the active ingredient – who knew?

I really like this brew, especially for its complexity and the transition from spicy to citrus to mellow. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything that makes so many transitions within one glass. It even has an interesting back story – the recipe was first used in Belgium in 1453. The ABV comes in at a modest 4.25%, so you’ll be able to put a few away in one sitting.
Up until this point, I’ve considered Allagash my preferred white, but the Celis is excellent.

I think I’ve got a new favorite!

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