Doc’s Draft Framboise

Happy Thursday all! I’m starting a long weekend vacation today. My wife and I are on our way to Portland, ME. We’ll be staying at a Bed & Breakfast and spending days and nights out on the town. An Allagash brewery tour is also planned. Seeing as I wasn’t going to have time to blog, I lined up a guest review for today. Today’s reviewer, Elina, is becoming a good friend of ours in “real” life. I’ve been harassing her to do a guest post, and she has come through. An excellent outcome for her first ever beer review. Many thanks Elina!!!

Hello, Lost in the Beer Aislers! :) I’m Elina – I write a healthy living blog, Healthy and Sane, a space where I share my meals, exercise and random healthy (and sometimes “sane” → read: unhealthy) musings with my readers. Don’t roll your eyes yet. I’m here to talk about beer! 😀

Do I still have you? Good. So this review is probably a bit different from what you’re used to here. In case you haven’t caught on yet – I’m a girl. A very girly girl, in fact. I like salads, chocolate and fruity cocktails. That doesn’t leave much room for beer. Unless wait… I can have a fruity beer! Yes, yes, that works. Maybe you’re into fruity beer yourself (or hard cider – definitely one of my favorite drink “genres”) or maybe you hate that your girlfriend always tries to order a glass of wine at a pub. This is where my girly girl perspective may actually come in handy. I had the pleasure of trying this gem last night and immediately busted out my camera to take a picture. I knew it would be perfect material for a guest post here on Lost in the Beer Aisle.

Doc’s Draft Framboise – raspberry hard apple cider

If you’ve been paying attention, I already mentioned that ciders are my favorite. I actually won a friendly drinking contest once by polishing off a few Magners. They taste like apple juice to me and unless my stomach runs out of capacity for liquids, the stuff goes down easy. Anyways, back to the Doc’s Draft raspberry hard cider. This stuff is quality. Nothing you’d want to chug or say drink a dozen of. It is smooth and slightly sweet, with a strong raspberry aroma that does not overpower the taste. The light carbonation seems to slightly enhance the flavor without biting. Good stuff. It will cost you about $7 for a 22oz bottle so it’s definitely not drinking contest material but it may just be the one time you can guiltlessly enjoy a pink drink. Cider is manly… unless your girlfriend is drinking it. 😉

Thank you, Josh, for letting me guest post. If any of you enjoyed this post or have thoughts on Doc’s raspberry cider, stop by Healthy and Sane, and say hello. :)

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Author: Joshua Dion

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