Great Divide Hoss

BradyTonight’s doggy-update is a good one. Brady has been on antibiotics for 24 hours and he is showing signs of improvement. He didn’t fall on his ass while walking today and appeared to be able to get on and off the couch with much less trouble than he had been having.

I’m diving into this Great Divide Hoss that’s been neglected over the last couple of months. Interesting looking bottle. I only threw it in the fridge a little while ago, so I’m a little worried that it isn’t fully chilled, but oh well!

The pour was rather odd. It fizzed like a soda and left a small amount of head which dissipated mad-quick. The beer is a very translucent copper color.

Strangely, this 6.2% ABV beer smells like 10 or 11%! I’m actually picking up very little aroma in general though.

I was somewhat right in my concern about the temperature. This puppy is barely cold. No worries though…it’s pretty tasty even at near room temperature.

The mouthfeel is smooth. I was expecting a lot of carbonation because of the funky fizzing on the pour. Not so.

I’d call the dominant flavor caramel or brown sugar. The beer is more on the sweet side, but I would definitely bet that it’s particularly sweet because I let it warm. Have any of you tried this brew? How does the taste compare when cold?

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

3 thoughts on “Great Divide Hoss”

  1. Oh, so many things wrong here! Bottle laying on its side, not chilled enough… 😉

    Scotch and Scottish ales tend to be pretty malty, which is a bigger reason why that beer tastes so sweet than it being too warm. Considering you like malty beers, I'm not surprised you enjoyed that one (though I have yet to have it because our stupid distributor here sucks and won't bring in Great Divide anymore). Anyway, you should try Harviestoun Old Engine Oil or Traquair House Ale.

  2. I'll assume you're joking here with the "so many things wrong" comment.

    I have the Engine Oil queued up.


  3. I was half joking. :)

    If the beer has any sediment in it, laying it on its side will shake that into the beer itself altering the flavor.

    As for the warmth, that's not as big a deal, but warmer usually means more malt flavors come through. It was probably too warm, but a good beer is a good beer (unless it's room temp).

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