Mikkeller Tomahawk

This afternoon I am posting a guest review. Today’s guest reviewer is Sean from beersearchparty.com. Although raised in the beer mecca that is Portland, Oregon, Sean moved to LA in 2009 and started the blog to chronicle all the beers, events and breweries that were changing the way people thought of beer. Much like myself, Sean’s goal is to attract people who are only slightly interested in craft beer and convince them to dive in. Many thanks to Sean for the review!

Mikkeller’s Tomahawk is part of what I like to call the Hop Education series. The nomadic brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergso uses the same base recipe and just changes the hop. You can try Nugget, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin, Cascade, Warrior and many more. There are now over 10 different single hop ales made by Mikkeller.

On to Tomahawk, it pours a light golden orange to the point of almost being yellow. This particular bottle was pretty frothy. Once it had settled a bit, I could detect a mix of woodsy and citrus aromas. The first sip really was surprisingly bitter. Almost to the point of being too harsh. The hop outmatched the malt backbone for sure. Upon further drinking, some spiciness started to emerge but the bitter was still front and center.

Overall this was a one note beer and that note was a sustained bitter. After having this one, I can see how Tomahawk would normally being used in concert with another hop to up the IBU’s while being balanced by a more citrus or floral hop. At 6.9 ABV it is no lightweight either. This beer was brewed at De Proef Brouwerij in Belgium.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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4 thoughts on “Mikkeller Tomahawk”

  1. Very cool. I like the idea of having a lineup which only varies the hop. Would be a great opportunity to see the different flavors and aromas that come from specific hops. What hop(s) was used in the Tomahawk?

  2. I had 9 of the series (didnt have Centennial), and thought that the Tomahawk blew my taste buds off. (@ BERT!- the hop was the Tomahawk).

    It is really awesome to experience all of the different hops, and to see where your taste takes you.

  3. After writing this review, I am starting to see places do tastings of these beers. The Library Alehouse in Santa Monica had ten ! available last Sunday. Maybe more of these will happen across the country.

  4. This beer sounds interesting! I'll have to look for it… for instance, maybe at the Library Alehouse since I live in Santa Monica haha

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