Samuel Adams Latitude 48

Samuel Adams Latitude 48Just chilling out tonight waiting for the Bruins game to come on. They are on a tear in the playoffs and I’m thoroughly excited. I spent the weekend in Vermont with the fam. Brought back a case of beers my mom bought me for my birthday. Pictures forthcoming. Back to tonight, I’m drinking some Sammy A’s brews left over from my 31st birthday bash. Started with a Pale Ale with dinner and now I’m trying the Latitude 48 for the first time.

Samuel Adams Latitude 48

The Latitude 48 is made from hops all along the 48th latitude including Germany, the UK, and the USA. It’s copper in color (the wife said it was “purrrty” in a southern accent). The head is ample and despite the fact that there is a ton of visible carbonation, the head is resilient.

Latitude 48 is a hoppy beer. No surprise now that I know where the name comes from. It’s closest in flavor to an IPA I suppose. As an interesting aside, as I surfed the Sammy’s Website I couldn’t for the life of me find this beer. It’s a part of the Brewmaster’s Collection, but isn’t listed there.

Samuel Adams Latitude 48

As the beer warms, it gets more balanced with sweet caramel malt flavors coming through. The hoppiness is more floral than piney or citrusy. All around this is an enjoyable brew.

Being from the Boston area, even before my serious craft brew days I had tried a large number of Sam’s offerings. The more I drink craft brew, the more I realize how great this brewery is. In terms of uniqueness they don’t stack up head-to-head with other major craft breweries out there, but what they do provide is something very special: craft brews that the macro drinker can get into. I think this is a key market and it provides exactly what I like to see – an avenue for people who don’t have experience drinking craft beer to try it without having an overly oppressive first impression! A beer like Latitude 48, for example, provides a flavor 1000 times more complex than a Budweiser, but at the same time doesn’t give the newbie a “yuk face” from over-oppressive hoppiness. Well done Sam! Am I totally off-base here? Tell me your thoughts.

OH…and on a final note, those of you who are keeping up with the dizzy-dog saga, Brady is still afflicted. We got some antibiotics today. If the issue is an inner-ear infection (which is near impossible to diagnose), the drugs will fix him up. If that doesn’t work, we’re screwed and the suggestion is to send him to a neurologist! $$$$$$ How much would you spend on your pet if it was sick?

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Author: Joshua Dion

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