Allagash Curieux

Yesterday we took a long drive up to Barrington New Hampshire to visit my old college buddy Andy and his wife Sara. They recently built a home and friends and family were convening for a house warming party. The above photo is of me and Andy yesterday.

And this is Andy and I 13 years ago when we first met in school. Just kids! And look at all that hair we had. I don’t actually miss it that much.

When we got to the party we were starved and made a B-line to the snacks. I gorged myself on the awesome chunky guacamole they had, as well as the cheese platter.

Behold! A keg of Miller Lite. Kinda funny…I used to LOATHE Miller even back in my college binge-drinking days. I probably haven’t tried it in 6 years. Yesterday I found that I didn’t mind the flavor anymore.

Unfortunately, the keg was bunk. All kinds of head on every single pour. Whatevs…it was beer.

Andy set up a make-shift beer pong table in his basement. It actually worked out pretty good, especially for Andy and I who went undefeated.

After pong, I got chit-chatting with a couple of guys at the party (Ryan and Dan). One of them was drinking a craft beer, which was a red flag for potential beer-related chatter. They were both really nice, down-to-earth fellas. Similar to much of the beer drinking world, they liked good beer, but didn’t know a lot of terminology: my kinda people! After talking for awhile, I invited them upstairs to help me review my bottle of Allagash Curieux.

The bottle isn’t screwing around when it tells you to pour slowly. I got a little excited with one glass, and you can see what the result was. Pissed off yeast!!!

Being the experienced beer guy, I let Ryan, Andy, and Dan throw out their thoughts on the smell and aroma first. Everyone agreed the Curieux had a sweet smell. Someone mentioned honey-like sweetness. Someone else (I don’t recall who) said it smelled like sweet barbecue. When I heard that I was a little thrown, but later realized that the combo of oak (although not smokey) and sweetness might smell like a bbq to some folks. Intriguing.

Everyone agreed that the flavor was oaky and sweet. I was picking up orange peel. Dan and Andy picked up the bourbon characteristics, which came as a surprise to me because #1: I didn’t pick up on this flavor, and #2: because I didn’t realize that the barrels used are indeed bourbon barrels.

As Andy stated, “you could hurt yourself” with this beer. The ABV of 11% is super sneaky and completely hidden by the sweetness of the brew. Only in the aftertaste do you get any sense of how boozy it is.

From left to right: Ryan, Andy, Me, Dan. Final summary:

Ryan: He’s a hoppy beer kinda guy. Loves a good IPA. Thus, the sweetness of the Curieux wasn’t his cup of tea. Thumbs-sideways.

Andy: Really liked it. I’m not sure Andy has met a beer he doesn’t like though. 🙂

Dan: Really liked it as well. He likes big beers, such as imperials, so this was a good fit for him.

Me: Another quality offering from Allagash. The beer reminded me a lot of Cisco Pink Lady and Cisco Grey Lady. Many of you recommended I try the Curieux, and you were right – this stuff is good. I’m very glad I got to share the bottle with some friends!

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.