Boston Craft Beer Tweetup – Summer 2010

After I coordinated the first Boston Craft Beer Tweetup this past spring, I knew I had to do it again. After a couple months of planning, the followup event was held this past Saturday and it was even more successful and fun than the first. I’ll definitely be planning another meet-up: ETA September.

The folks at

There were redonkulous beers on tap. Lots of guests were asking for recommendations, but I honestly was having a difficult time because I had not tried 90% of the brews on the menu.

I drank the following:
* Saison du BUFF which is a collaborative between Dogfish Head / Victory / Stone.
* Cisco Dark Woods (thanks to Brandon for buying it!)
* Wachusett Summer
* Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Sorry, no reviews. I was off duty!

I was dying to try the Goose Island Bourbon Country Stout, but the 13% ABV was far too much; I needed to stay coherent enough to coordinate.

I got to finally meet Joselin from Boston Tweetup. He is the resident social media and meet-up expert in the Boston area.

We got straight-up professional recently. I now have a LIBA banner and sponsor board for our events.

The sponsor board photo is courtesy my guest Al. More of Al’s pictures from the event can be seen here.

Our sponsors blessed us with excellent door prizes.

Sponsor: American Craft / Publick House
American Craft is part of a trifecta of beery awesomeness. In addition to hosting us and providing appetizers on the house, they offered up a gift certificate good at American Craft, Publick House, or Publick House Provisions!!!
Door Prize: Gift Certificate

Kerry will be back to Brookline soon!
Sponsor: Northern Brewer
Beer is traditionally created with four ingredients: Water, malt, hops and yeast. At Northern Brewer, they want to add a fifth: You. They have assembled a comprehensive selection of kits, ingredients and equipment to help YOU craft the finest, freshest beer possible. Head to and see what happens when your creativity meets tradition!
Door Prize: Four $25 Gift Certificates

Brandon takes home a gift certificate.

A different Brandon takes home a gift certificate.

Brian is a lucky winner.
Sponsor: High Gravity Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies
High Gravity is Tulsa, Oklahoma’s only full service homebrewing and wine making supply store. Luck for us, they ship everywhere.
Door Prize: $50 gift certificate.

Al’s wife Travine will be shopping at High Gravity soon.
Sponsor: RedPint
RedPint is a Boston-based company developing a craft beer mobile application that lets you share with friends what beer you’re drinking & where you’re drinking it — all while earning fun awards.
Door Prize: A mystery beer bundle that included all things pretty: a bottle of Pretty Things Field Mouse, a pretty looking bottle opener and a Pretty Things beer glass.

Kristin – Victorious!
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following:

Our Photographer Margaret of Kinniska Designs – Thanks for once again for capturing memories of this event! Make sure to check out all 100+ pictures in the slideshow at the top of this post or directly on Flickr.

American Craft – For providing us an excellent space, for providing us appetizers, and for the gift certificate door prize. You guys were all awesome. Jerry, the manager on duty, was incredibly helpful. The whole staff was great.

Bartender Ethan busting his ass to serve us.
Ethan (our Bartender) – Must get special mention. He was CRAZY busy serving us all. We appreciated his patience.

Our Sponsors – Northern Brewer, High Gravity, and RedPint. Thank you so much for supporting our event!

Alicia and John of
My wife – She is the force that keeps me motivated. She helps plan, setup, and execute these tweetups and I would be lost without her. Thanks Babe!

She’s a hotty!
Attendees – Without you folks, there is no event. I’m humbled by how many of you came out to join us. I hope you all, as well as those who missed out, can join us next time!

Speaking of next time, I’m open to suggestions for the next host. The CBC and American Craft have been great to us, and I’d like to keep trying new places. Where would you recommend?

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Author: Joshua Dion

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