Brooklyn Monster Ale

Brooklyn Monster AleTonight marked the end of my personal selling course. Another .5 credits closer to my MBA. It was a super quick 3 week class. My next 3 week class starts next week…no frickin downtime! How long this is taking me is truly sucking my will to live.

I also want to take this time to mention that when I’m not slaving for the man, studying, sleeping, or in class, I’m working my ass off for this blog. :) All kinds of stuff going on behind the scenes whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, or my endless search for beer news. I’ve also been rustling up advertisers, and spending lots of time promoting the site. I’m having a blast doing it though!

Tonight I’m diving into this Brooklyn Monster Ale. I only let it cool down in the fridge for ~1 hour, but I’m not worried, as a big beer like this is probably better when it’s a little warm.

The beer smells a bit boozy. This isn’t a surprise at all for a barleywine, and a 10% ABV one to boot. It also smells of raisins or maybe another dark fruit.

The beer has a significant red hue to it. Almost cherry colored. I’m sitting here comparing it to my cherry dining room table, and it’s pretty damn close!

The beer has a strong malty sweetness with zero bitterness. The booze comes through in the taste as much as it did in the smell. The taste is complex, and I’m liking it. Caramel is the immediate thing I’m feeling. Maybe some vanilla in there too? Given the raisin smell, I expected a ton of dark fruit flavor (like maybe plum), but none of that is coming through in the flavor department.

This sucker is extremely dangerous. I feel like I could plow through the whole bottle in no time. I’m probably hit the floor pretty quick if I did. Brooklyn Monster Ale is a very good barleywine!

I have a crazy love-hate relationship with this style of beer. They are usually either really bitter, or really sweet. I, obviously, fall for the sweet ones.

What’s your favorite barleywine?

Brooklyn Monster Ale

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Monster Ale”

  1. Haven't had many of them, but I do enjoy the style, and if I were going to pick my favorite at this point, it would probably be the Lagunitas Gnarlywine

  2. Excellent beer and a great style. If you age the bitter American-style ones, they lose the bite from the hops and end up sweet and amazing.

    Favorites: Great Divide Old Ruffian, Anchor Old Foghorn, Victory Old Horizontal, Stone Old Guardian (this one is great for aging several years), Smuttynose Barleywine, Alesmith Old Numbskull, Flying Dog Horn Dog, Heavy Seas Below Decks.

    These are about half English-style (tend to be less hoppy) and half American-style (tend to be hoppy). They're all quite different from each other, but all really good.

    Another similar style you should try is Old Ales. They're almost the same as Barleywines. Try to get your hands on some aged North Coast Old Stock Ale. It's amazing.

  3. A fast drinkin' boozer like this one might just be the perfect thing for a guy with so little time like yourself. Drink two, hit the floor, wake up and off to class/work/blog/whatever. A real time saver!

    At some point I'm going to have to give Brooklyn a fair shake. They're everywhere around here (NJ) so I kind of take them for granted. I need to explore their stuff soon.

  4. Victory Old Horizontal is by far my favorite barleywine… with the caveat that I haven't had a ton of them and generally don't find that many I like. I can tell you I hate the Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, for instance.

    There is a Barleywine in the Sam Adams Longshots Homebrew contest 6pack, I'm interested to see how that is.

    Sounds like the flavor profile of the Monster Ale has some of those characteristics you sometimes see in a heavy ABV beer. Almost that indecipherable rich dried fruit, dried cranberry, raisin, mildly caramel flavor that is hard to pinpoint. I'm intrigued!

  5. Royce:

    I reviewed the Longshot you reference. Click on the beer catalog link on the top menu. Beers are listed alphabetically.


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