Cicso Grey Lady Ale

Last night on Twitter I somehow got onto the topic of Captain Morgan, which quickly led to teasing the story where I once drank a liter of Captain with insanity ensuing. I promised that tonight I would post the full story prior to my review of Cisco Grey Lady, so here you go…

It was probably 3-4 years ago now. I was at a Patriots game in the dead of winter; it must have been 20 degrees below zero with the wind-chill. I had come prepared though. A liter bottle of captain and a liter bottle of coke. I poured 90% of the coke out and filled the bottle with the captain. I ended up drinking the whole damn bottle while tailgating. Although completely hammered, to this day, I argue that I was fine. It was the two giant beers I had at halftime that sent me from drunk to black-out.

I don’t remember anything past halftime. Apparently (according to the friends I was with), I tried to start a fight with a fan of the opposing team and almost got my ass kicked. Once the game was over, I had to pee so bad that I ran off from the group on the way out of the stadium. They kept a good eye on me and could see me stumbling along heading in the right direction of the car. At some point, I found a port-o-potty and relieved myself. Problem being that while I did make it to the potty, I forgot a key part of the process: removing the clothing. I completely pissed my pants and didn’t realize it. And I mean completely…the pants were so wet they looked like I had jumped in a pond.

The next morning I woke up naked in my friend’s parents bed. No sickos…his parents were gone for the weekend and I was just using the bed to crash in. I had to put my piss-soaked pants back on and drive an hour home.

I had a hangover for 3 days, but never once puked. And that, kids, is why you should never drink a liter of Captain Morgan.

OK…with that out of the way, let’s move on to tonight. We are trying to eat out less and be even more healthy, so tonight we made Indian food. Spinach & chick-pea curry to be exact. It was mega yummy!

Now I’m sitting down with this bottle of Cisco Grey Lady. It’s the last beer from Cisco that I have in my stash.

The beer is a light golden color. My wife actually just bounded by on the way upstairs and said “that’s a light looking beer you’re drinking there! Looks like pee-pee”. LOL I wish I had her captured on audio to share…it was pretty funny sounding.

When I reviewed the Cisco Pink Lady, I thought that it was basically Grey Lady with Cranberies added. I was right, except that the Pink Lady is also aged in wine barrels where the Grey Lady does not appear to have been. The Pink Lady got all its character from the cranberry and wine flavors, so this Grey Lady has very little in common with it.

This Lady is a Belgian Wit. It’s got a nice even amount of carbonation. No head worth mentioning. Pretty minimal aroma.

It tastes as light as it looks. If this is more than 5% ABV I’d be shocked. *Google Break* Confirmed. 4.5% ABV. For a Belgian, it is very mild. None of that coriander or related spiciness. A little wheaty, and a little citrusy. Malty.

Of the Cisco brews I’ve now tried, this one goes down the fastest and is the most drinkable. It’s a really good entry-level Belgian for anyone who isn’t a fan of the more bold and flavorful white beers, or for someone just getting into craft beer.

Pink Lady is my favorite Cisco offering thus far as it was much more complex. Still, Grey Lady gets good marks and is hitting the spot on this summery evening.

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.