Cisco Indie Pale Ale

Cisco Indie Pale AleI wish I had taken some pictures of my escapades following last night’s beer review. Long about 9:30pm I decided it was the right time to disassemble my wife’s laptop and replace the cooling fan. I’ve been putting it off for about 6 months. Taking laptops apart is always the hardest part, especially when you’ve never done it on a specific model before. I got it apart in about an hour. This is where I wish I had pictures. It wasn’t until I had it in a thousand pieces that the “oh shit, I hope this works when I reassemble” feeling sunk in. Very similar feeling as the time I tried to replace the inner workings of the toilet…but that’s a story for a different day.

Cisco Indie Pale Ale

The laptop went back together 800 times quicker than it took to take apart and is working like a charm.

Moving on to tonight, I’m working on depleting my supply of brews from Cisco Brewery. Tonight I grabbed the Indie Pale Ale. My first question – Is it: “Indie: Pale Ale” (a Pale Ale named Indie) or “Indie Pale Ale” (An IPA with a funky spelling variation)?

Cisco Indie Pale Ale

The answer comes to me quickly before I even read the label. This is a hoppy-ass IPA. Before even tasting I can tell that this is a hop-heads delight. Smells like a grapefruit attack on my face. The aroma has something additional in there, which I can’t identify, but assume is the apricot they add to the beer.

The assault continues as I take a sip. Grapefruity bitterness up front, which fades into an abrasive piney finish. It doesn’t go away. If you’re looking for hoppy aftertaste, this beer is your friend.

I actually just had to run to the kitchen to fetch some Beer Cookies. They go really well with hoppy beer, and for someone who is more of a sweet beer kinda guy, I really need something to cut the bitter.

Note: I Googled to find the IBUs, but couldn’t dig up the details. I did locate the ABV, which is around 7.5%.

Now, I’m not giving the beer bad marks. It’s just not my bag. I will definitely finish off the bottle with the aid of my cookies though!


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Author: Joshua Dion

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